Splendide Lifestyle Spa, a holistic approach to wellbeing

Balance isn’t something you find, it’s something you create

Jana Kingsford

A constantly evolving world, a hectic environment where everyone is more than busy. This is how things go these days, in an era where time has become a rare commodity.

The Splendide Lifestyle Spa walks guests along a path to wellbeing, on a holistic journey where they will find the motivations and method they need to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Splendide Lifestyle Spa Pool and Palace

This vital balance constitutes the approach on which the Splendide Lifestyle Spa is based, just like its own compass, showing four specific cardinal points: Mind, Body, Soul and Energy.

Mind for reaching peace through meditation and yoga sessions, under the experienced guidance of the Spa professionals.

Body to generate power and release toxins through physical exercise, by swimming at the pool or training on the advanced machines at the gym.

The soul will feed on the positive feelings stirred by sensory rituals and revitalizing massages.

Energy will come from healthy meals and drinks, planned by a nutritionist and prepared with natural ingredients only.

In this approach, every person is considered as a whole, and their whole being is nourished to reach balance.

Splendide Lifestyle Spa Evening pool

The materials chosen to build this peaceful oasis were accurately selected to create a sense of harmony with nature: the green walls contribute to the serene atmosphere of the ground floor, elegant black stones decorate the showers and sit outside the Turkish bath. Here, a starry sky lights up the space, and calms the mind. The warmth of the wooden sauna and its natural scents will help melt all tensions away.

In the fitness and treatment areas, the natural light coming through large window walls fills all the Lifestyle Spa. The gym is equipped with the latest technologies, to use while contemplating the green walls and the relaxing waterfalls.

Splendide Lifestyle Spa Pool Detail

The panoramic swimming pool that overlooks a splendid view of the Lugano Lake is simply magnificent.

With the opening of this cutting-edge Spa, Hotel Splendide Royal blends the majestic aura of its 20th-century palace with a contemporary space devoted to wellbeing. A urban resort, Swiss and Mediterranean at once.

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