The Brand “Mauro Lorenzi Profumi” and its Creator, The Roman Stylist of Fragrances of Excellence, Mauro Lorenzi

Passionate about fragrances of excellence, since his early youth, the Roman perfume designer, Mauro Lorenzi, launched his own brand “Mauro Lorenzi Profumi” (MLP) in 2017, and, with the collaboration of national and international noses , has created, in five years, new and original niche fragrances, unisex, reminiscent of the places of history, linked to the relative floristic kingdoms and the naturalistic beauties of Italy, starting from the capital.

Fragrances for both the person and the environment, intended for a refined, cultured and demanding clientele, both male and female, not inclined to commercial products.

As a lover, in particular, of the history of Ancient Rome, his city, the city that he deeply loves (the great beauty!), he conceived, in collaboration with the great master perfumer Maurizio Cerizza, and presented, in Milan, at the Fiera World of Artistic Perfumes, Esxence 2019, an innovative collection of perfumes, dedicated to one of the most sacred religious festivals of Roman times, the Septimontium festival, celebrating the seven hills, where the city was founded and a sacred number, seven connected to the supreme founding values of an ancient civilization which, together with the Greek one, still represents the architrave of Western culture today.

The seven perfumes, all different, bear the names, in Latin, of the seven hills (Aventinus, Caelius, Capitolium, Esquilinus, Palatinus, Quirinalis and Viminalis), and evoke the characteristics, even naturalistic, of the places, such as the flora, in some cases, still subsisting.

The success, the great acclaim and, in particular, the appreciation of artistic perfumery enthusiasts, in dozens of glamorous events, prompted him, always in collaboration with master Cerizza, to create, in absolute continuity with the identity mood of his brand, another ambitious project, inspired by the bridges, also sacred, of Ancient Rome, the Tiberis Pontes collection, presented, again at the Milan world fair, Esxence 2022.

Seven more different fragrances and always with names strictly in Latin (Aemilius, Aurelius, Cestius, Fabricius, Hadrianus, Milvius and Sublicius). Also inspired by the nature and history of the places that led to the first expansion of the city, beyond the Tiber: from the sacred hills of the foundation to the sacred bridges of expansion, bridges protected and guarded by the powerful judiciary of the pontifices.

This time he has also committed himself to producing them in an artisanal way, as in a Renaissance workshop, in his laboratory, a small factory that has opened in the heart of the most Renaissance of the villages of Rome, Borgo Pio, in via dei Tre Pupazzi, 5.

Not only perfumes for the person, but also scented candles and deo ambient. Another successful collection that has met the tastes and appreciation of the specialized press and loyal customers.

For 2022 Christmas gifts, family, friends and business, he has created a third collection, Terra Sirenum, made up of three extraordinary fragrances, dedicated to the myth of the sirens, linked to the divine marine triangle between Sorrento, Positano and Capri.

With names strictly in Latin: Sirentum, Poseidon and Capreae. In January 2023, an elegant and refined showroom of the MLP brand will be inaugurated in the heart of Borgo Pio, 184, to offer enthusiasts, customers and tourists the magical experience of personalized olfactory trials of his now famous creations.

On this occasion, he will present to the press, in absolute preview, two new collections of three fragrances each: the first, with prevailing notes, Absoluti, and the second, of erotic inspiration, Luxuria.

Furthermore, the MLP brand has specialized in advising all Made in Italy companies, operating, in particular, in the tourism-hotel, luxury and beauty sectors, for the creation (and production!) of olfactory furnishings for environments of class and personalized fragrances, celebrating the characteristics of the related brands or memorable events & anniversaries.

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Small Factory and sales: Mauro Lorenzi Profumi, via dei Tre Pupazzi, 5, 00193 Rome (RM)

Showroom and sales: MLP, Borgo Pio, 184, 00193 Rome (RM) Phone: +39 0639671215

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