The last frontier of sustainable fashion? Resell

Avoid waste and put second-hand designer pieces back into circulation.

The purpose is twofold: on the one hand, to minimize the impact on the environment, rewarding historical and most loyal customers at the same time.

The pioneer of the reselling project was Valentino vintage, which started at the beginning of 2022 and became increasingly stronger also with support initiatives signed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Gucci Vault.

The success of the initiative did not go unnoticed and for next autumn there will be other prestigious brands to encourage resale: Balenciaga and Jimmy Choo just to name a few of the most significant.

The value of the resales of luxury fashion

The figures speak for themselves: according to research conducted by Barclays expert analysts, the market for used clothing sales is expected to reach a value of 77 billion dollars in 2025: a growth 11 times faster than that of fashion retail sales in its complex.

Thus, the origin of such interest in the world of reselling by the major maison and e-commerce platforms for the sale of luxury fashion is revealed.

It is no coincidence that before 2022, Farfetch bought the Luxclusif resale platform; and Zalando launched the second hand category in September 2020.

Reselling and helping customers: the next goals of luxury fashion houses

The recirculation of high fashion pieces is certainly a virtuous circuit; precisely for this reason the biggest brands help their customers more and more to put these precious garments on sale.

Balenciaga, for example, relying on the collaboration with Reflaunt, the platform specialized in the implementation of circular models for fashion brands, has launched a certified resale service.

The pieces that want to be put back on sale can be easily brought back to the Balenciaga boutiques or picked up directly from your home by a person in charge, simply by making a request on the brand’s portal.

Ibiza: sustainable luxury villas

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Valentino turns off the lights in the shop windows

Valentino turns off the lights in the shop windows

The initiative to turn off the lights in these locations starting at 10 pm on 6

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