The new collection of the Maison Arleoni is a tribute to Monte-Carlo “the land of dreams”

On Friday 1st June, Arleoni Couture will present the Limited Edition and World Wide Unique Pieces Collection with a Fashion Show at the Metropole Hotel Monte-Carlo.

Inebriating colors and shapes inspired by the architectural complex of Alhambra evoke a charming atmosphere, a sophisticated allure that permeates the entire collection, an elisir of precious hand craftmanship: 3D embroideries and sequins with a touch of Swarovski crystals and natural stones. Fine high-end fabrics such as satin, silk brocade and duchesse come together in an extraordinary, perfectly tailor-made collection: 35 high-quality outfits, original and artistic expressions, which required more than 32,500 hours of artistic and manual work along with the research for the entire collection.  “Essential highest quality & creativity made in Italy” reflect the priceless value and authenticity of Haute Couture.

The Music of Philip Abussi, with an ancestral rhythm and arabesque nuances leads us into a mysterious atmosphere, a refined melody of female voices tells its Magic. Sophisticated and taylor-made sounds express passion, desire and a deep sense of glory. A charmant combination of classical and electronic compositions create a unique and irresistible alchemy that captures the soul.

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ART DIRECTOR & COUTURIER : Angelica Kaminsky
DIRECTOR: Radis Nikzad
MUSIC DESIGNER: Philip Abussi, MokaMusic
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Beauty Fashion Academy
PERFUME DESIGNER: Calé Fragranze d’Autore

Assistant Designer: Students of Master in Art Direction for Fashion Design & Haute Couture of
@HFFAcademy: Anna Schmid, Mona Homm

Exclusively made for ALHAMBRA by:

Music: MokaMusic
Embroidery e Tailoring: Studio Stile Kaminsky
Make up: Beauty Fashion Academy
Perfume: Calé Fragranze d’Autore
Media Partner: Excellence Magazine

LOCATION: Hotel Metropole, Monte-Carlo
DATE AND TIME: 1 June 2018, at 18:00

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