The voice of design in fine architecture & upscale interiors

We enable architects, designers, engineers and enlightened clients to realize their dreams, to go from the one-off piece or prototype to the complete fitting of public spaces or to produce custom-made furnishings for private houses.

We are proud of the excellent relationship with everyone that works with us based on mutual respect, open communication and a synergetic approach. It is always our intention to strengthen existing relationships and to develop new ones based on the principles of partnership. The success of our work depends on the varied professional and personal experience of our co-workers , thanks to whom, we are constantly growing and always able to satisfy the requirements of many different clients.

Extravega Architectural Fabrications is tradition. It is to sense the thought, the hand and the presence of one person in every project: the architect. Bringing the experience of work and its fruits into a truly human dimension. Our tradition needs the same hands, brain and ideas that participated in the creation of a project to be the same asthose which completed the project, using handcrafted materials and methods without the need for mass production. The materials and methods are the ones used in the past improved by the latest technology. The brain is the real connection between the past and the future. This is the real handcrafted method of Extravega.

Extravega Architectural Fabrications is also innovation. For us, innovation doesn’t mean using methods inspired by industrialisation and economics. We believe that the meaning of innovation is to enrich our wealth of traditions through the use of new materials and new shapes, never forgetting, only if this innovation is clearly destined to last the test of time and to become tradition itself. The industrial products or the ones that do not involve improvement for its co-workers are cheaper than Extravega Architectural Fabrications’s, since the difference of this company to others can be seen in the quality of the finishing, in the materials chosen, in the knowledge of our skilled craftsmen, working within a respectful working relationship and in a context that considers total respect for a man’s work.

Extravega Architectural Fabrications is history, people, tradition and innovation, products. This company is for everyone who can recognize, with the heart, the beauty in a creation that comes from the love for a land, Italy, and it is for those who can understand the unique handcrafted values and the superior quality, happy to welcome creations and objects made to last, but also able to whisper who we are.

Costata Restaurant, New York
Costata Restaurant, New York
Swiss Corner, Milan, Italy

The main aim is to improve the knowledge and responsibilities of its employees, as they are the people that make the company progress and grow every day. “An attitude of collaboration” means being able to work in a team and not for one’s self, giving constructive criticism, coherence, support rather than competition, pride rather than boasting, ability to excel through the power of working together. Professional partnership therefore is an “attitude of collaboration”.

Extravega Architectural Fabrications means products. The brand is proud of a large collection of 25 years of work, such as: the furnishing of the Pompidou Museum in Paris, the glass façade and the interiors of shops such as Gucci, Zilli, Tory Burch, Armani, the interiors and the whole refurbishments of some of the most luxurious hotels in the world such as the Bulgari Hotel, the Baglioni Hotel and the interiors of luxury restaurants such as the Altamarea in the U.S., refurbishment of director offices, exhibition spaces such as Montres Corum and some original custom made products such as: handles, metal and glass staircases, doors and windows, porches, furniture, upholstery for very unique houses all around the world as well as art work for private collections for famous museums like the Triennale museum of Milan and in other public spaces.

It is based in Italy and it is a key-player in the important ‘Made in Italy’ style, despite selling almost exclusively to the foreign market. The company’s workforce live in Italy where they want to keep living and working.

Extravega Architectural Fabrications is people. Our seven values are: honesty, initiative, trust, freedom, teamwork, determination and enjoyment. The company’s success is based on the individual contribution of our co-workers that when combined bring about what we call “An attitude of collaboration”. We try to offer every employee a satisfying professional life, offering an environment where everyone can progress and develop their own capabilities and expertise, working together with colleagues, contributing to the company’s aim through a variety of projects and client relationships.

Gucci Shop New York
Hotel The Gray, Milan, Italy
Museo ArcelorMittal, Luxemburg
Stand Montres Corum, Fiera Baselworld 2013, Basilea, Switzerland

Scavazzin Paolo
Brand Evangelist
Piazza 4 novembre 7 – Milano
Mobile +39 335 749262
Office: + 39 04 29844461

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