Valentino: enough alpaca wool. A new step towards ethics and sustainability

When it comes to sustainable fashion, it is impossible not to mention Valentino who has shown in recent years a great sensitivity towards ethics applied to the fashion sector with particular attention to animals.

The designer has in fact decided to abolish all garments made of alpaca wool within his collections, due to the often very violent methods of shearing. An important choice, which sends a strong and clear message and confirms how Valentino is constantly in step with the times.

This is a drastic choice, born following a video that went viral and shot by Peta, which shows the suffering that many alpacas from a private farm in Peru are forced to suffer, including injuries, stress real violence. The video had 7.8 million views and a maison as committed to an ethical and environmental level as Valentino could only react by communicating that the decision to abolish alpaca wool by 2021.

It is not the first time that Valentino sets an example, so much so that last year during Milan Fashion Week he received the Legacy Award of the third edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, thanks to his iconic work and the tireless desire to find solutions green to the difficult environment of fashion.

In the last period, thanks above all to a general increase in awareness of all issues concerning the environment and ethics, there has been a lot of talk about sustainable fashion, as opposed to the fast fashion industry.

A more ethical fashion is essential in order to guarantee respect for human rights and lower the harmful impact of mankind on the earth. Although there is still a long way to go, knowing that well-known brands like Valentino are working hard gives hope.

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