WallPepper® introduces Grand Tour, to travel through time and space


In the XVII century, the aristocrats used to travel around Europe to improve and develop their knowledge. This kind of experience was called Grand Tour. Nowadays WallPepper®, with its collection and thanks to the collaboration with Scala Archives, commemorates this charming path and brings, both in private and public spaces, the great beauty of the golden ages.

Luxury dance halls, marble staircases and colonnades, details of the regal buildings and bright arches, between frescos, fancy flooring, monumental vaults, statues and several echoes to art and architecture: Grand Tour has the aim to cause astonishment and emotion. If you are dreaming of Versailles or Palazzo Ducale, or again of the unlimited shades of the Renaissance and the Classicism, with their timeless elegance, WallPepper® always creates unique worlds where you can be yourself… or, why not, sometimes where to be someone else.

The WallPepper® components are water based with a support made of cellulose and textile fibers. It’s ecofriendly, PVC free and certified in Class Bfl – s1, d0 for the fire resistance; it’s odorless, breathable, hypoallergenic and waterproof, usable also in public, healthcare and instruction spaces. It’s dry removable, doesn’t ruin the plaster and it is easy removable.

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