What’s On in 2019 at the Tate?

What’s On in 2019 at the Tate Gallery in London

Discover the highlights below!

Van Gogh and Britain – Tate Britain

Tate Britain’s flagship exhibition this year focusses on the astounding work of the infamous Van Gogh. The exhibition, showcasing 45 pieces of work by the artist, takes a look into how Van Gogh was inspired by Britain and in turn, how we inspired British artists who followed the great artist.

Natalia Goncharova – Tate Modern

Artist Natalia Goncharova, with her experimental, futuristic body art and reigious paintings, spearheaded Russian avant-garde. After her first major solo exhibition in Moscow in 1913, she moved to Paris where she lived for the rest of her life, designing for fashion houses and creating creative book covers. This exhibition is the first retrospective of her art ever to be held in the UK, with most peices never before seen in this country. It will explore the artist’s inspirations and her sources.

Keith Haring – Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool will house the UK’s first ever exhibit of the late Keith Haring, a legendary artist and activist with a definitive style. The summer exhibition will showcase over 85 pieces of large works including paintings, sculptures and drawings, giving visitors an intimate look inside the pop culture art scene of 1980s New York.

William Blake: The Artist – Tate Britain

This Autumn exhibition highlights the work of William Blake, a universal visual artist who has inspired countless artists, musicians, performers and poets across the globe. The exhibition will showcase 300 pieces of art in the form of prints, paintings, watercolours and other media formats.

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