Art in the Institutions: works found in the Palaces of Power

The story of a professional experience at the top of the institutions. The works of art from the Senate collections, between hidden treasures and palace intrigues, in a captivating mystery

Tiziana Ferrari was the first curator of art collections at the presidency of the Italian Senate. The book tells the parable of a purpose ahead of its time: that of taking a census of the works of art kept and hidden in the palaces of politics.

Since 2009, the author has been the architect of a pilot project in the context of the enhancement of the artistic heritage of the upper house of Parliament. The intention was pioneering: the creation of a real scientific archive of the works of art that reached the Senate from the end of the 19th century to the present day.

Tiziana Ferrari
Tiziana Ferrari

Tiziana Ferrari tells her story, full of twists and “Palace” intrigues, in a scientifically based essay but with a narrative step. The story, made of enthusiasm and determination, of the sometimes solitary clash with the ganglia of some government circles.

Guido Reni, Lucrezia in atto di uccidersi
Guido Reni, Lucrezia in atto di uccidersi
Quadreria di Palazzo Giustiniani
© Alessandro Vasari

Not only that: this volume wants to be a stone thrown into the pond of a current debate, one that invests the modern enhancement of a cross-section of art hidden from the general public – clandestine works, silent witnesses of our national history. With a spirit of innovation, in this publication the author also wants to indicate an efficient method of management and enhancement of cultural heritage.

Bottega di Pietro Vannucci detto il Perugino, Madonna adorante il bambino e un angelo
Pietro Vannucci detto il Perugino, Madonna che adora il Bambino; l’arcangelo Raffaele con Tobia; l’arcangelo Michele
National Gallery, Londra
© 2022. Copyright The National Gallery, London/Scala, Firenze

A book, published by SKIRA, that interests not only the expert of the subject, but generally all the public curious to know the secret mechanisms that are hidden inside art and behind the doors of the palaces of power.

Ferrari Arte e Istituzioni
Tiziana Ferrari – Arte e Istituzioni
SKIRA edizioni

Tiziana Ferrari, an Italian and Swiss citizen, lived for many years in the United States and Canada. She is an art critic and journalist, she is a scholar of artistic and social phenomena and an expert in the enhancement of cultural heritage. You were the first curator of the works of art of the Senate of the Italian Republic. You carried out the first scientific census on an art collection in the buildings of the institutions, your work has brought to light important discoveries.

Emanuela Zini
My professional life has been marked by several big changes that made me grow as a person and as a leader, develop new skills and mental flexibility, which in turn allows me to face challenges from a different, unique perspective. To me, writing represent a way to communicate with myself and with others. Telling stories and engaging my readers are the challenges that I am currently facing within a wider editorial project.

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