Milan: with Musa towards the city of sustainable luxury

It is based on three years and aims to make Milan more liveable by following the guidelines of sustainability, inclusion, innovation and regeneration.

It is called Musa Multilayered urban sustainability action and is a group of 30 realities including four Milanese universities (Bicocca, Statale, Bocconi and Politecnico), which will collaborate with public and private entities in Lombardy and beyond.

The urban transition of Musa and Milan

The Lombard capital wants to be the protagonist of an urban transition that makes it a real model for national and European cities.

The target? Making Milan a sustainable ecosystem by 2025.

The project was financed with 116 million euros, of which 110 from the funds of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr).

The main areas on which the project will move are six:

  • Urban regeneration: the main points covered by this spoke will be waste transformation technologies and the creation of carbon neutral districts.
  • Big Data for biomedical research: digitalization of health data, development of telemedicine and remote diagnostics aim to improve citizens’ well-being also thanks to collaboration with universities.
  • Technological transition: promotion of startups to make companies aware of the advantages and new impulses that technologies can bring to industrial processes.
  • Sustainable finance: a real observatory of sustainable finance will be established as well as a financial education program carried out to dialogue with various subjects.
  • Fashion and luxury: this spoke focuses on the study of methods to promote the circularity, transformation and reuse of materials in order to achieve sustainable business models, also thanks to the smart manufacturing and retailing platform of sustainable luxury.
  • Innovation for inclusion: scientific research, population needs analysis and specific studies aim to eliminate inequalities and social gaps by promoting social and professional inclusion.