Wild Colors, Animali in Arte by Maurizio Boscheri & Daniel Calovi

Wild Colors Boscheri

On display at MAAC in Ceglie Messapica from 22nd to 27th August.

The land of Puglia glows under the sun’s rays and welcomes fine lifestyle events: one of them opens with the vernissage scheduled on Tuesday, 22nd August, 2023 at 7 p.m. for the exhibition “Wild Colors, Animale in Arte”, paintings by Maurizio Boscheri and Daniel Calovi, which will take place at the MAAC Archaeological Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art in Ceglie Messapica, in the province of Brindisi.

Wild Colors Boscheri

The exhibition, previewed from 22nd to 27th August, 2023, edited by Mario Liberali and Gianmichele Pavone, is sponsored by the Municipality of Ceglie Messapica, the Rotary Clubs of Ceglie Messapica, whose President is Antonio Gatti, of Ostuni – Valle D’Itria – Rosamarina, whose President is Claudio Verganti, and of Laveno, Luino Alto Verbano, whose President is Fabrizio Zaninelli and Vice President is Giusy Giordano.
In partnership with the Cultural Association Friends of the Sempiterne chaired by Simona Fontana.
After the summer preview, the exhibition will be open to the public from 2nd December, 2023 to 7th January, 2024.

“Wild Colors, Animali in Arte” is an event that interprets the desire of Maurizio Boscheri, an established painter with an interesting international resume, and Daniel Calovi, a young artist, to represent a still unspoiled Nature in order to awaken the consciences of a sometimes distracted public with respect to what we are irreparably losing. The preservation of this incredible natural heritage shines through in the 16 paintings on canvas, with oils and mixed techniques, many of them done four-handed, in which big cats, reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and gorgeous flowers are the protagonists.

Wild Colors Boscheri

Maurizio Boscheri also depicts the flora and fauna of Puglia with a firm stroke, with enchanting colors that well interpret the charm that this land is exerting in the world.

The artist paints in an almost hyper-realistic manner an endangered fauna, which, thanks to his creative genius, takes on a magical mysticism, capable of communicating strength, dynamism and inner peace to the viewer. Boscheri’s works glow with mysterious incandescence, giving the animals and their host landscapes a magical mystical aura that suspends them in parallel worlds. Endangered wildlife thus seems to take on a precious sacredness.

Wild Colors Boscheri

The essence of this artist is expressed from the depths of the canvases, his is above all a message of love to a planet that must not simply be safeguarded, but saved. Boscheri sometimes paints double-handed works of art with Calovi in splendid hues: orange, fuchsia, carmine like the most delicate pastel hues, explode in the flora to enhance animals of atavistic strength.

We feel taken by the hand, accompanied to distant worlds, we lean toward unknown realities embellished with semiprecious stones, rhinestones, the arabesques of those golden dots that inspired him in Australia, in that land of spaces where one can lost in infinity. Maurizio was thunderstruck by the aborigines and their art characterized by multicolored pointillisme and drew inspiration from them, playing with patience and skillful creativity to create iridescent, golden mandalas that form precious creations, so many small lights that together make a luminous kaleidoscope. A soul, that of Maurizio, that was shaped by contact with nature to which he relied completely, establishing a relationship of silent complicity… nature, however, also seems to have completely relied on him and is expressed through his works that enchant the viewer, making him falling madly in love with animals now on the verge of extinction.

Simona Fontana

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