Yves Saint-Laurent says goodbye to animal furs

Green turn for one of the most loved luxury brands of all time.

Yves Saint-Laurent will forever say goodbye to the use of animal furs for his high fashion collections.

The luxury brand of the Kering group thus aligns itself with the trend of other major fashion houses: from Stella McCartney to Gucci, which have decided to opt for a fashion that is respectful of the planet.

Stop to furs for Yves Saint-Laurent from next autumn:

The French fashion house, which has always been loved by the most avid fashion victims and has always pioneered the new market trends, has decided to give up animal furs.

The luxury creations of Yves Saint Lauren, just like those of Brioni, will do without animal furs starting from the collections destined for autumn-winter 2022.

This choice is dictated by Kering, a group to which both fashion houses belong and which has dictated this type of guidelines, to which all the brands of the group have adapted.

Not only Yves Saint Laurent

The decision to do without animal fur for high fashion luxury fashion creations has been taken by many brands over the last few years.

From Gucci to Balenciaga, from Alexander McQueen to Bottega Veneta, for several seasons now we have seen only eco-leather or synthetic fur creations of all kinds parading on the world’s most prestigious catwalks.

The luxury fashion house Gucci was the first, within the Kering group, to kick off this new green luxury trend.

The pride of Italian high fashion, Gucci, in fact, has said no to animal cruelty to create clothes and accessories starting from October 2017, starting this “virtuous chain” that has seen all the most important luxury fashion brands embrace this manufacturing philosophy.

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