1000 km of wonderful landscapes and five-star hospitality

Coppa Milano Sanremo

Coppa Milano-Sanremo, among the season’s toughest races.

Four days of competition and 1000 km of winding roads are no easy feat, especially aboard cars with several years under their belts, not to mention those built before the mid-20th century. The fifteenth reenactment of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo begins with a novelty this year: the event is not, as tradition, at the Monza circuit, which is undergoing renovations for the 2024 Formula 1 season, but rather in Cervesina, in the province of Pavia, home to the revamped Tazio Nuvolari circuit.

Coppa Milano Sanremo

After the initial timed trials, the route leads to Milan, where the official presentation and gala dinner will be held at the Melià Hotel.

The following morning, preparations are made to tackle the most challenging day, almost 400 km through Lombardy, Piedmont (with a stop in Canelli to visit the Underground Cathedrals), and Liguria, where the finish line in Sanremo will be reached in the late afternoon before continuing on to the Principality of Monaco, guests of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Coppa Milano Sanremo 2024

Equally challenging and long will be Saturday, which takes place almost exclusively in the Ligurian hinterland, except for a stop by the sea in the beautiful Marina di Loano, before continuing through the Ligurian hills to Rapallo, where competitors’ cars are lined up along the renovated Porto Carlo Riva pier, before concluding the day at the Excelsior Palace Hotel.

Coppa Milano Sanremo

Saturday marks the final day of the race, as the cars head north with a stop at the Piovera Castle (whose visit is worth a trip on its own), where the last particularly challenging timed trials take place due to the gravel terrain and tight 90-degree turns.

But the actual finish line is in Milan on Corso Venezia in front of the Automobile Club Milano headquarters, crowded with participants, fans, and onlookers, where predictions about the winners are confirmed by the leaderboard, which sees Mario Passanante and Alessandro Molgora in first place among the historic cars, driving a 1937 Fiat 508, followed by Francesco Di Pietra and Giuseppe Di Pietra in second place, and Giovanni Moceri and Alessandro Moretti in third.

The Coppa Milano Sanremo Final

In the Legend category for cars from 1966 to 1990, victory went to the crew of Marco Angrisani and Luca Monti, while in the Youngtimer category, the crew of Federico Smussi and Gianluigi Smussi emerged victorious, and finally, the Coppa delle Dame, reserved for all-female crews, was won by Alice Maria Giulini paired with Ilaria Brustia.

The Coppa Milano-Sanremo has once again proved to be a highly successful event in its fifteenth edition, skillfully combining particularly challenging sporting aspects with five-star hospitality and meticulous reception and assistance from the entire staff. Well done to all, and see you in 2025!

Carlo De Bernardi

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