The poetic of translation

From Saturday June 16, The poetics of translation presents the work of Valencian artist Manolo Valdés against the stunning backdrop of Pietrasanta.
Organised by Pietrasanta Council in partnership with Contini Art Gallery, this exhibition – curated by Kosme de Barañano – will be displayed in piazza del duomo and Sant’Agostino church until September 30, 2018.
Installed in the very heart of the historic centre, the artist’s work enters into a captivating dialogue with its surroundings. Sitting in piazza del Duomo, Clio Dorada is a magnificent sculpture of impressive proportions made from brass and gold-toned steel. Nearby is Mariposas, an imaginative work where shining aluminium butterflies take flight from a head. Sant’Agostino churchyard houses the bronzes Caballero and Dama, two equestrian sculptures that transport the viewer to the realm of fairy tales.
The cloister, meanwhile, is dominated by Infanta Margarita and the church displays the wooden works Blue Head and Blue Pamela.
In all his works, Valdés re-visits the classic language of tradition with his very own poetic expression that is very much of the zeitgeist.

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