Discovering Kyushu: a luxurious journey on the Seven Stars

Created by JR Kyushu Chairman Koji Karaike and designer Eiji Mitooka, Seven Stars is the first luxury cruise train in Japan. For over twenty years Karaike had dreamed of making this “Cruise Train” a reality. The result is a collaboration of designer Mitooka and local artisans, who have beautifully furnished the train with their masterpieces. It made its inaugural run in Oct 2013.

The charm of a journey on “Seven Stars” lies in its carriages, its cuisine, as well as the well known local hospitality. The Seven Stars train carriages are the pure essence of artisan skill and heart, and are unique in the world.

There is a bar in the lounge car, as well as couches and rotating chairs for passengers to sit in while enjoying live musical performances. The rear of the lounge car also features a large bay window for enjoying the scenery as it flows by. The spacious rooms include the Deluxe Suites, where one carriage is split into two rooms, and the suite rooms, which are one carriage split into three rooms. This train provides a totally new travel experience.

Excellence Magazine Seven Stars

Its cuisine, infused with thought and effort, regularly uses ingredients from Kyushu, which is considered to be a treasure trove for “food”. Those features, along with the heart-warming hospitality you’ll experience with locals at the stops on your journey and your interactions with the train’s crew are what give Seven Stars its charm.

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Japan’s southernmost main island, Kyushu, is paradise for travelers looking to get off the beaten track and see the unseen Japan. The lush green countryside is home to active volcanoes, waterfalls, natural hot springs, and semi-tropical coastlines. From the bustling metropolis of Fukuoka City to the pristine beaches of Amami Oshima, Kyushu is home to some seriously amazing places.

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