AM Hub/Atelier, a new space dedicated to design opens in Lugano

Am Hub Atelier Lugano

New synergies and partnerships at inauguration event.

On October 18th, 2023, the opening of the new atelier signed AM Hub was held at 23 Pian Scairolo Street in Pazzallo – Lugano. An exclusive event that was attended by many Swiss and European guests who came especially for the opening, which was also an opportunity to consolidate important synergies and partnerships that enriched the event and its atmosphere with interesting stimuli, inspirations, and novelties in the world of design and beyond.

Am Hub Atelier Lugano

AM Hub, with its new headquarters in Lugano, stands as a hub of excellence in interior design. Specializing in offering turnkey projects, counting numerous important collaborations with manufacturing companies, architects and designers, it offers a hub capable of proposing design solutions for both interiors and exteriors, providing a comprehensive service that can satisfy every request and need, operating on a global scale.

Atelier AM Hub, the event

For the opening, renowned florist and designer Tatyana Tridvornova embellished the environment with majestic flower arrangements. The undisputed stars of the event’s Photo Booth were its colorful hydrangeas, which entirely covered a wall and an armchair, the latter composed of 310 fresh hydrangeas, becoming a dreamy backdrop for memorable shots.

For furnishing the atelier, a careful selection of complements from the new collection Gianfranco Ferré Home, that with the brand, has been a well-established collaboration for years. For lighting, HENGE products, the company’s new partner, chosen for its refined stylistic trends that are able to enrich the atmosphere with unmistakable charm.

This event aimed to offer a look not only at the latest trends in interior design , but also at the art world. Guests were greeted by works of contemporary art thanks to a collaboration with Deodato Arte Gallery, paintings and sculptures that tell stories, embellishing the atmosphere with depth.

And finally, the partnership with the Kessel dealership, the official dealer of the Ferrari, Maserati and Pagani brands; made it possible to create a real luxury car showroom in the atelier forecourt to admire the latest prestigious Maserati models.

This opening, as a whole, fully embodied the philosophy of AM Hub, to combine elegance and innovation, to embrace different trends and directions, to move in a diverse landscape while always ensuring the uniqueness and originality of each project, providing high quality service and comfort.
AM Hub is a glimpse into the future, surrounded by inspiring beauty.

Am Hub for Taste of Swiss: design on the table

It is from the balance between form and function that those design objects that become part of our lives are born. And this is the idea that guided the AM Hub Interiors division in the patented design of the Taste of Swiss cutting board presented at the opening night of the new atelier, capturing attention both for its beauty and for the precision and originality of the carvings.

Am Hub chopping board Taste of Swiss

Handcrafted from olive wood, this cutting board that traces the silhouette of Switzerland serves as a multifunctional tool. Available in different sizes, it is suitable both for private use in home kitchens and as a design object for restaurants, bars, hotel chains or prestigious events. The cutting board is proposed by AM Hub Interiors, which offers the following two variants: the first with a detailed representation of swiss cantons, which, with their own carvings make possible to serve tasty appetizers that can vary between aperitifs of typical cold cuts and cheeses or fruit; the second option, on the other hand, involves only the outline of the Confederation.

Exclusive event at Villa Principe Leopoldo for Excellence
Evento Excellence Magazine Villa Leopoldo

Exclusive event at Villa Principe Leopoldo for Excellence

Protagonists and partners celebrate the issue 32 of the magazine

AM Hub / Atelier is the new meeting point between art and design
Am Hub Atelier Lugano

AM Hub / Atelier is the new meeting point between art and design

A series of events that combine quality and excellence

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