AM Hub / Atelier is the new meeting point between art and design

Am Hub Atelier Lugano

A series of events that combine quality and excellence.

Last oct. 27th, AM Hub / Atelier kicked off a new series of exclusive events, the first event was aimed to celebrate art and design. The guest of this first event was the artist Mr. Savethewall, a famous Italian street-artist and one of the leading exponents of Post Street Art.

Mr. Savethewall

Mr. Savethewall does not paint on the walls but respects and “saves” them, contrary to what one might think referring to street-art, he works in the studio creating works that interpret themes and customs of contemporary society in a playful or polemical, ironic or irreverent way. His works, were chosen, from the very beginning, to enrich the Atelier’s spaces thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the
Deodato Arte gallery

During the exclusive evening, Mr. Savethewall enchanted guests with a live art performance accompanied by an analysis of his philosophy of seeing and experiencing art. Through a narrative sequence, he used stencils to bring a work of art to life, which was later acquired by a collector attending the evening. His innate communication skills and charisma not only entertained but also deeply engaged guests, who asked the artist to reproduce his iconic frog on their clothing.

The essence of AM Hub / Atelier, goes beyond the concept of a traditional showroom. The goal is, in fact, to create a real hub, a meeting point where different fields in the design world converge, always bringing forward concepts of excellence, trend and quality.

This first evening, thanks in part, to the oh-so-distinctive personality of the artist Mr. Savethewall, becomes a promise on the part of AM Hub to bring to life a space and a series of events dedicated to clients and partners of the highest caliber.

AM Hub/Atelier, a new space dedicated to design opens in Lugano
Am Hub Atelier Lugano

AM Hub/Atelier, a new space dedicated to design opens in Lugano

New synergies and partnerships at inauguration event

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