Aman Luxury Hotels & Resorts, 36 facilities in 20 countries

Amangiri, USA

15 of which located close to or within Unesco-protected sites.

From the lofty peaks of Bhutan to the soft sands of Turks & Caicos, Aman has built sanctuaries in the most inspirational locations on Earth, where sensitive design and architecture connect guests to the spirit of a place with transformative experiences, warm hospitality and wellbeing.

Amanyara, Turks and Caicos

Drawing its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’, Aman has enjoyed an organic evolution for over three decades to become one of the world’s most intuitive and pioneering resort, hotel, residence and lifestyle brands. Aman currently embraces 36 hotels, resorts and residences in 20 countries, 15 of which are located close to or within Unesco-protected sites: 5 in the Americas and Caribbean, 8 between Europe and Africa and 23 in Asia.

Amankora, Bhutan – Experience

True to the brand’s pioneering spirit, lot of new projects have been announced to date as part of a robust future pipeline: 3 new openings in program for 2025-2026 in the Americas and Caribbean and 3 new opening from 2023 to 2027 in Asia.

Each Aman property is inspired and informed by the landscape and culture it resides within. Woven through that is an attention to detail that underpins seamless, discreet service together with serene wellness spas and clinics, where ancient healing traditions take on a modern sensibility, a deep love and respect for the astonishing gifts of the natural world and a resolve to making anything possible.

Amanzoe, Greece

Time with Aman is akin to being welcomed into a gracious private home where only a few guests are received. Aman properties are created holistically and evolve organically, the architecture always true to each destination. Discreet sanctuaries and spaces are sensitive and authentic to geography, design and cultural heritage – every Aman experience gently unfolds with simplicity and elegance providing an immediate sense of belonging.

The staff gracefully share the Spirit of Aman in all that they do. Many of those who make Aman what it is, have been with the company since the very beginning, and 35 years on continue to inextricably link us with many of the communities in our destinations.

In recent years, Aman has also grown to offer its coveted lifestyle beyond the parameters of its havens. Aman Skincare and Spa supplements harness powerful natural ingredients to provide balance and optimal wellbeing within and without.

Aman, Discovery Set

The experience in completed with Aman Fine Fragrance products shop to bring the spirit of Aman into the comfort of home and The Essentials by Aman, comprising timeless ready-to-wear pieces for every guest.


Janu, a new hospitality brand launched in 2020, was born from Aman Group’s long-term strategic vision, responding to the demand of the luxury traveller for unparalleled service and exceptional design synonymous with Aman, but with a distinctive pace and spirit which sets it apart from the peace and sanctuary of Aman.

Janu, Tokyo

Janu derives its name from the Sanskrit word for ‘soul’. Creating environments which nurture purposeful connection and bring balance to the soul through appreciation of cuisine, art, design and hospitality, the first Janu property will open in Tokyo in autumn 2023 within an area designed with the aim of creating a modern urban village designed around community and wellbeing, reflecting Janu’s purpose of nurturing kindred spirits and collective moments. Next opening will be in AlUla and Diriyah with further destinations reflecting the values of the brand coming soon in Montenegro, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Portugal, Dubai.

Janu, AlUla

Americas & Caribbean destinations

Aman’s destinations in the Americas are designed to be direct and sincere response to their natural surroundings – from the stark, otherworldly spectacle of the Utah desert and the aquamarine splendour of the Caribbean Sea to the ambition and dynamism of Manhattan: Amanera, Playa Grande, Dominican Republic, Amanyara, in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, New York, Amangani, Jackson Hole, USA, Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah.

Aman, New York

Asian destinations

In 1988, on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand, a legendary retreat was born. The very first ‘Place of Peace’, Amanpuri offered an escape from the everyday life for those seeking the seclusion, serenity, privacy and appreciation of local culture. Since then, Asia has remained Aman’s original home.

Amanpuri, Thailand
Amankila, Indonesia

Properties across Japan, China, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and even in the far-flung corners of Bhutan and on the remote islands of the Philippines, have offered guests a new perspective on the continent’s diverse landscapes and vibrant communities, while in return Asia has served as inspiration for the brand’s evolution across the globe: Amankora in Bhutan, Amansara in Cambodia, Aman Summer Palace, Amandayan, Amanfayun, Amanyangyun in China, Aman-i-Khas and Amanbagh in India, Aman Villas at Nusa Dua, Amandari, Amandira, Amanjiwo, Amankila and Amanwana in Indonesia, Aman Kyoto e Amanenu in Japan, Amantaka in Laos, Amanpulo in Philippines, Amangalla and Amanwella in Sri Lanka, Amanpuri in Thailand, Amanoi in Vietnam.

Amanpulo, Philippines

Europe & North Africa destinations

From the shores of the Aegean to the banks of the Grand Canal, an Adriatic island to a Moroccan oasis, these Aman destinations offer unique perspectives on the diverse landscapes and history-rich cultures of Europe and North Africa, and a renewed promise of restoration and sanctuary: Aman Le Mélézin in France, Amanzoe in Greece, Aman Venice and Rosa Alpina in Italy, Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, Amanjena in Morocco, Amanruya in Turkey, Aman Spa at The Connaught, United Kingdom.

Aman, Venice
Amanjena, Morocco
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ICCF strengthens Italy-China alliance

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Waterfront Costa Smeralda Porto Cervo

Waterfront Costa Smeralda reopens in Porto Cervo

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