An Hotel telling the tales of a thousand years

The Canal Grande is the backbone of Venice, a water mail road along which the Serenissima grown and established. Buildings along the banks have always been an icon of power and social status of owners.

One of the most stunning ancient palace, Palazzo Venart, has been transformed in a five stars luxury and exclusive hotel, after a deep and particularly detailed restoration of the ancient building. Formally an aristocratic residence, it has been meticulously restored by Venetian experts, preserving all the indelible features of centuries past. These include gold leaf wood ceiling beams, Venetian terrazzo flooring, Renaissance frescoes and marble fireplaces: it was typical fifteenth century Venetian tripartite architecture to have an entrance hall on the waterfront Venart Luxury Hotel in Venice opened its doors in August 2016 and has just celebrated its first birthday after a busy year welcoming guests from all over the world. Situated in the prestigious neighbourhood of Calle Tron in Santa Croce, what seems like a world away from the bustling crowds of St. Mark’s square yet still close enough to reach all of Venice’s landmarks on foot or by private water taxi or gondola from the hotel’s own private pier.

The overall effect is enchanting, as if one were staying with a remarkably hospitable friend, with exquisite good taste, supremely high standards of housekeeping, wonderful staff and a new restaurant GLAM, by 2 Michelin-star chef Enrico Bartolini, is set inside the walls of the Palazzo Venart, but operating for both the hotel guests and the foodies of Venice. The restaurant is set in a very intimate and cosy veranda-style dining-room, looking onto the inner courtyard of the hotel, and dining is de rigeur in the front grassy green gardens of the property, by candlelight, overlooking the Grand Canal.

Illustrious families who graced the halls of Palazzo Venart formally called Palazzo Bacchini delle Palme – Pandolfo Malatesta; Lord of Rimini and Patron of the Arts, later in 1433 the noble Vitturi family purchased the property followed by the birth of Francesco Pini Bey at the property who would later become Napolean’s right hand man.

LDC Hotels brought the building back to its former glory after a 2 year restoration project lead by prolific Venetian historians and artisans.  Rubelli wallpaper sourced to suit for the suites – prestigious wallpaper from Venetian fabric weavers running since the 19th century using traditional skills to this day. Each of the 18 luxury rooms and suites have been individually named after important Venetian figures, each are bespoke and beautifully decorated with period pieces and stunning views that overlook the Grand Canal and the Venetian rooftops. Palazzo Venart is a dream for those wanting to experience the charm of Venetian elegance.

On the Piano Nobile, a fine Christie’s piano has arrived with the help of antiques experts from the Fondazione La Fenice who were drafted in for the task, taking the delicately hand-painted French court-piano with immense care, from the floating barge, over the waters and into the gardens of the Venart, and finally, up one floor to the Piano Nobile. This tale of the piano alone, with so many more, is one that captures the importance of the historical content of the arts behind this hotel venture.

Last but not least, the waterfront garden was created and embellished with statues and artefacts, in part from the earlier building – giving the typical charm that the place is full of history. Palazzo Venart is part of LDC Italian Hotels , a collection of five luxury hotels and resorts located in some of Italy’s most popular and beautiful destinations. Located in Rome, Venice, Florence, Piedmont and Umbria, each have their own personality that celebrate the richness of culture, heritage and overall landscape of the area. They are distinguished by impeccable hospitality, their elegant environments and great attention to detail, alongside the art and the nature that surrounds each property.

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