Andy Warhol invades Sardinia thanks to Mazzoleni Art Foundation

Never before had Sardinia hosted so many works by the undisputed master of Pop Art, Andy Warhol.
Two great exhibitions organized by the Fondazione Mazzoleni, headquartered in Bergamo, which has been operating different exhibitions in Italy for years.

The Conference Center in Porto Cervo, on the Old Marina and just a few steps away from the renowned Piazzetta del Principe, hosts the exhibition “ANDY WARHOL VIP SOCIETY” from 10 June to 17 September, available daily from 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm.

“It is an outstanding exhibition”, emphasizes with enthusiasm the President of the Foundation Mario Mazzoleni “organized in a prestigious location. With the precious help of my dear friend Eugenio Falcioni of Montecarlo, a great expert and collector of Warhol, we have set up an exhibition with 188 works by the american master, from all known and photographed Marilyn, and Flowers, to the unique and very rare Polaroids, to Covers from the magazine Interview, from the complete series of Ladies and Gentleman to Andy’s dearest discography, from his self portrait to the original acetate, and then the cans of Campbell’s Soup, Brillo Boxes, Coca Cola, Mao, Lenin and many others , all to be admired! ” A great event that several specialized magazines have named the “exhibition of the year in the Costa Smeralda” with the sponsorship of Hublot and the patronage of the four most important Hotels on the Costa: Il Romazzino, Il Pitrizza, Il Cala di Volpe and Il Cervo Sheraton.

From the north of Sardinia to the south, from July 1st to September 1st, another 25 works by Andy Warhol will be presented at the Fortevillage Resort Art Gallery, near by the white beaches of Chia, defined this year as the most beautiful of Italy. Here too is a precious collection of works that represent iconography of the artistic path of this great talent, now appreciated and in great demand all over the world, as well as beaten by the most famous auction houses. “This year too,” confirms Sales Manager Simona Occioni, “we will present Fortevillage’s customers a unique, rare and intriguing collection of pop genius, side by side with Italian and international artists such as Arman, Dali, Rabarama, Galimberti and many others. Every year we selected artists very carefully to satisfy our enthusiastic visitors who already for eleven years frequented this elegant space dedicated to art. A vacation can not and should not be just sea, sun and beach, we carry art and culture, to embellish it and make it even more unique and unforgettable. “

Two great appointments, by the Fondazione Mazzoleni, which received unanimous consents also in Sardinia, after the recent public exhibitions of Castello di Pagazzano near Bergamo and Castello Ursino in Catania, with the exhibition “The genius of Andy Warhol”, which registered 28,000 visitors in two months of opening in the Sicilian capital.
“After the summer season in Sardinia,” Mario Mazzoleni remembers, “we will be in Venice for our annual Gran Galà Arte Cinema & Company on Saturday 9th September in the magnificent palace of the Grande Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista. It will be a magical evening where we will award Italian actors, artists and entrepreneurs. A great tribute to our beloved Italy, to our innate abilities in various fields. We are the most beautiful country in the world and sometimes it’s nice to remind us…”

Mario Mazzoleni
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