ANGI-Excellence Award at the Regina Baglioni Hotel in Rome

The third edition of the prestigious ANGI award took place in Rome on 3 and 4 December last, in collaboration with ANSA and RAI

The third edition of the prestigious ANGI award took place in Rome on 3 and 4 December last, in collaboration with ANSA and RAI.

The award ceremony for entrepreneurs representing institutions took place in the splendid location of the Regina Baglioni Hotel, partner and sponsor thanks to the support of the CEO Dr. Guido Polito and the synergy promoted between the parties by Dr. Anita Lo Mastro in partnership and representing the editor of Excellence Magazine dott. Luigi Lauro.

The ceremony was attended in rotation, in compliance with the rules, in addition to the President and creator of the award, Dr. Gabriele Ferrieri, the diplomatic adviser dr. Nunzio Panzarella and Dr. Filomena Maggio president of the control room of Benessere Italia for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Present and awarded the head of the representation of the European commission dott. Parenti, the president of ENAV, the lawyer Francesca Isgrò, the former Chief of Staff General Vincenzo Camporini, the president of SIMEST (deposit and loan fund) dr. Pasquale Salzano, the president of Confindustria Giovani dott. Mastandrea, the Vice Rector of the Lumsa University prof. Gennaro Iasevoli, the CEO of Baglioni Hotels and Resort dott. Guido Polito.


At the end of the event, Dr. Polito was interviewed by Dr. Camilla Nata, a RAI journalist, and by Dr. Anita Lo Mastro in relation to the award he received and the activities he is conducting.

Excellence interview

Camilla Nata: Dr. Lo Mastro, a beautiful award ceremony at a time when you need courage.

Baglioni Hotels reacted first, launching in partnership with Core and Agorà Baglioni Studios, a new technological reality, which will allow companies to organize exclusive events, meetings and conferences in live streaming, accessible all over the world.

Camilla Nata: Dr. Polito, what effect does receiving this prestigious award have on you?

Honored and satisfied … we were able to complete a challenge in a year heavily affected by the health emergency. But it is good to understand that, as in many sectors, we think of the phenomenon of work and smart working, Covid is accelerating developments that, even in the hotel and hospitality sector, had been underway for some time.

The pandemic has taught us that the protection of the person concerns everyone and therefore the horizons of innovation and investments must necessarily orient themselves towards new achievements. Like digital innovation. Which does not simply mean using new technologies as such, but starting from these to rethink and simplify production and creative processes, such as supplying new goods and services aimed at improving the lives of customers, redesigning, in a logic of openness to change, the models that govern the business.

Camilla Nata: dr. Polito, a fundamental question for the world of hospitality in the extra-luxury sector: what could be the future?

Our sector will be an inspiration for the other segments. Accessibility, quality, sustainability, digitalization are the keywords that must inspire the relaunching of the Italian destination.

Precisely for this reason, the hotels in the luxury sector are developing initiatives that can create trust, reassure and better satisfy the needs of customers both in the tourism and business sectors. Once the emergency is over, people will better understand the non-obvious meaning of travel and the awareness of the holiday.

Camilla Nata: Dr. Lo Mastro, what are the programs of the platform and of the Excellence magazine?

Obviously, many of the face-to-face events scheduled for 2020 had been suspended, but for 2021, together with the publisher Luigi Lauro, we are planning partnerships and collaborations with a new impetus towards the internationalization of excellent brands, perhaps in digital mode or in presence where it will be. possible. We are back stronger than ever by presenting new products and concepts of absolute technological innovation… perhaps in luxury hotels.

Baglioni Studios will soon be available in other hotels of the Collection… who knows maybe the Maldives are waiting for us!

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