Vol. 10 of Excellence Magazine previews at the World Arabian Horse Championship

Excellence Magazine chose the prestigious World Arabian Horse Championship, which will be held in Paris from the 27th to the 29th November 2015 under the royal patronage of His Majesty Mohamed VI, King of Monaco, to launch volume 10 of the magazine.

The eagerly anticipated event is the perfect occasion to celebrate our partnership with the exclusive world of the Arabian horse: Caballus Excellence World. An elite selection of 80 guests will enjoy the luxury of the private lounge of the VIP stand for the three days of the championship.

Caballus Excellence World 660x400

The preview of volume 10 is dedicated to the guests, sponsors and partners par excellence that keenly accepted our invitation. The magazine will be distributed from the 30th November.

We would like to thank Andrea Bocelli once again for his contribution to this edition, writing an article about charity event Celebrity Fight Night 2015, a parade of glitz and solidarity held at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence to raise funds for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

Caballus Excellence World Gala 660x400

The 10th issue also talks about the luxury market trends that have stamped 2015 and will continue into the new year, from online shopping to retail in the Chinese market following the slashing of taxes on luxury products. Jewellery, interior design and Made in Italy are evolving with the times, not just in terms of their concept, but also with regards to the innovative materials they use. Artisanship remains centre stage, even in the latest luxury trends in high tech.

Volume 10 welcomes readers with the excitement of an exotic destination, a stage, an exclusive fragrance. At all hotels part of the Excellence Collection from the 30th November.

From Excellence Magazine vol. 10

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