The beauty of Art with Excellence

Excellence  is devoted to promoting a passion for beauty with its globally operating Art Advisory department. We offer members of Excellence  exclusive access to assessments, purchase and sales procedures, in addition to a wide range of high-end services within the world of art.

Excellence  Art Advisory has entrusted its protection and safeguarding services to John P. Gandolfi and his thirty-year experience. A 100% personalised approach results above all in a profound knowledge of the client and collector who, driven by their love and instinct for art, fuel their passion depending on their economic means.

The irrational passion for art is interlaced with the reason of business. “Art is a market, movement and exchange. It is treasure, patrimonial and cultural wealth,” says Gandolfi who holds that the conservation of heritage, whether it be artistic, personal or national, is the right and duty of each and every one of us.

The art market has some unusual features that not everybody knows how to handle, for instance, the difficulty of establishing with any certainty the value of works in circulation. The real protagonist of this word is, however, the psychology of the collectors who devote a lifetime to one kind of object. This is a world of mostly unknown yet extremely enthusiastic individuals with whom the professionals at Excellence Art Advisory become complicit.

Monaco & Lugano dance in Step

Monaco & Lugano dance in Step

Distribution of Excellence Magazine continues to grow in Monaco owing to a

Spring Ball, fourth edition. Stars Parade in Lugano

Spring Ball, fourth edition. Stars Parade in Lugano

A successful appointment for the fourth edition of the Spring Ball, held under

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