Excellence Magazine spring edition

Excellence Spring edition
Artist: Julien Vermeulen

Birds of different feathers: flocking together towards a new season.

As we collect the last remnants of the previous season in a quest towards a new and dynamic adventure, one can only ponder as to the meaning of the feathers we lost along the way.

They are clues of a transformation process, vestiges of a migration towards greener pastures; a long, exciting and strenuous voyage before a rebuilding and restructuring phase commences.

gondoliers in venice

Sometimes they are symbols of a timeless icon, a photo engraved in the collective memory fading out without ever really disappearing and building momentum towards the next leap.

They are bits and pieces assembling a marvelous mechanical composition; ticking while time slips away and if you do not seize the opportunity to be carried away you will be missing out on an incredible expedition.

Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard, featured in one of our interviews

A ride where constant reinvention becomes a catalyst, as you discover new hidden gems from the past while the motor still hums and waits for you to switch the ignition off as you have finally found your preferred destination, an oasis for new molten feathers.

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Nicola Sangiorgio, Editor & Art Director

Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura ® Rémi Dargegen
The house of 20th century: mechanical jewels
Museo Nicolis di Verona

The house of 20th century: mechanical jewels

The Nicolis Museum tells the history of technology and design

Villa ABK
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