Happy Birthday Polaroid

The Mazzoleni Foundation celebrates the 70th birthday of the legendary Polaroid with a large photo exhibition by the great Photographer Maurizio Galimberti. Sixty artworks from April 8 to May 14 will be exhibited in the halls of Palazzo Barzizza, in Alzano Lombardo, a village close to Bergamo, the historic home of Mario Mazzoleni Foundation. Shots that immortalize the city of New York, made by one of the most famous photographers worldwide, Maurizio Galimberti, who will be present Saturday, April 8 at 17.30 for this prestigious event.

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His famous mosaics, composed of dozens of small polaroid cleverly juxtaposed to create stunning visual effects, and more, also showcases some of his most famous “portraits”. Maurizio Galimberti was born in Como in 1956. He moved to Milan where he now lives and works. It goes in the world of analog photography debuting with the use of a rotating lens camera Widelux and then in 1983 to focus its efforts, in a radical and definitive, on the Polaroid.


The “Mosaic” becomes very soon the technique to portray not only faces, but also landscapes, architecture and cities. With Galimberti balance alternates the emotion for the composition, which becomes more manifest the search for the rhythm of which the mosaics are an example, at an inclination towards particular, the intimate scene to shoot and immortalize where the yield is represented by a single shot, or from single polaroid.


His work on the countryside and the cities, in this case on the Big Apple, and space that characterizes the latter alternate these two viewpoints, these two different ways of telling the same reality.


The Foundation Mazzoleni has edited for the exhibition, a catalog with all the works presented, titled “New York Notebook – Polaroid” to be presented by the Milanese photographer during the vernissage. The exhibition is open every day from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 15.00 to 19.30, except Sundays.

For info www.mazzoleniartgallery.net

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