Comfort and relax at RED’S HOTEL

A unique venue with a modern and elegant design, rooted in a five-generation long history of passion for hospitality. Red’s Hotel is located in Barzanò in the hilly area of Brianza. This is a quiet and relaxing setting not far from Lake Como, Monza, Milan and Bergamo. Red’s Hotel is the ideal destination for the business traveller as well as those who wish to spend an enjoyable holiday discovering the striking natural beauty of the area, artistic and cultural sights, as well as enjoying spectacular food and wine and luxurious pampering. Red’s Hotel distinguishes itself by the attentive and professional service always personalized to each Guest’s needs, making each stay a wonderful, memorable experience, thus setting itself apart from the norm.


Red’s Lounge Bar overlooks the beautiful hotel garden and outdoor swimming pool. It is characterized by a modern ambience, with a relaxing atmosphere and good music. The versatility of the venue makes Red’s Lounge Bar the ideal location to meet friends, conduct business over an informal lunch or simply to unwind with an “Aperitivo”/cocktail or have a delicious, healthy breakfast. Our qualified barmen and sommeliers will recommend good wines or surprise you with a new, exciting cocktail! Red’s Lounge Bar features classic international cocktails, a selection of over 250 types of wines and a wide range of fine liquors
and spirits. The Sunday “Aperitivo” event is held in Red’s Lounge Bar and presents a large variety of themed buffets paired to selected drinks. This is an ideal location to organize receptions for your special occasions and spend memorable evenings around the swimming pool during the summer season. The location is available for private parties with dj in the Red’s Club Purple Room, a multifunctional space where to create your unique parties.

Zafferano Bistro Restaurant is a modern bistro. Inspired by the creative use of spices such as saffron, the Bistro is characterized by artfully combining traditional tastes with outstanding creative cooking. It caters for both Hotel Guests and our visitors who love quality, authentic Italian food. The Bistro features traditional Italian cuisine with a modern and original touch. At the Zafferano Bistro, our priority is the preparation of fresh, authentic food, using only high quality ingredients from trusted local producers. Careful attention is paid to seasonings and cooking methods in order to maintain all the freshness and quality of each product. The restaurant has a beautiful patio adjacent to the garden, the perfect setting to relax, enjoy a meal, and unwind. Zafferano Bistro Restaurant is listed in the Michelin Guide Book for Italy.


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