“Il Giardino di perle” – The Merchant of Venice meets Marisa Convento

From Africa, to the Americas and Asia, Venetian pearls have always been considered precious commodities and a symbol of regality. Indeed, the pearl is the image of purity and symbolises the primordial formation of matter through spirit. The pearl holds an important place in our imagination: from its status as a luxury item to the myth of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty: Aphrodite was born “out of the sea foam”, like a pearl inside a shell.

The wise audacity and art of “impiraressa” (Venetian jewellery maker) Marisa Convento will make flowers, roses, coral, embroidery and jewels re-emerge from the sea, small works of art that are unique and enchanting. The refined fragrances of the Murano Art Collection will be a source of inspiration for the artist who will pair the delicate notes of prized raw materials with her own precious creations. A Moceniga rose, made completely from glass beads, will be on show to the public at the event.

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 13 July at 7pm at The Merchant of Venice boutique in Campo San Fantin, San Marco 1895 (near Gran Teatro La Fenice).

SAVE THE DATE: next perfume workshop at Palazzo Mocenigo – Friday 14 July, 11am.
Foundation course on perfume composition: The Merchant of Venice is offering a foundation course on perfume composition where guests are “initiated” into the Venetian Art of Perfumery. After an introduction to the raw materials, the olfactory pyramid and various extraction techniques, and with the help of tools from The Merchant of Venice Perfumer’s Kit, you will then have the opportunity to formulate your own perfume.

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