Contemporary Women by Veronica Gautschi – pre-collection 2019

Contemporary Women is a preview of the Veronica Gautschi 2019 collection, a foretaste of its mix of exuberant originality and balance between comfort, elegance, and beauty. The linear, geometric, and sculpted design of these accessories plays with their protean nature, which enables them to turn from handbag to bracelet and back. Functionality, versatility, and uniqueness are the three key words which informed the creation of these designs, carefully aimed at meeting the needs of today’s resourceful, dynamic, ironic, and smart women.

This collection offers interchangeable combinations of shades ranging from the decisive character of primary colors to the elegant essentiality of black and white. Each pairing creates a unique contrast, which in turn becomes the genetic blueprint of every woman’s individual style. Always in perfect harmony with a woman’s look and personality, these accessories will see her through every task and every occasion, day and night.

The luxury Saffiano calf leather gives a textured feel to the surface of the products, whose unique beauty is enhanced and lit up by skillful hand-finishing and palladium details. The perfect chemistry between iconic Swiss design and the unmatchable quality of Italian craftsmanship translates into the sublime experience of an accessory infused with true character—that of every contemporary woman.

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Soon after graduating in Applied Arts in Lugano, Veronica Gautschi developed her own personal style, influenced by the work of the greatest figures of Swiss design, such as Bruno Monguzzi, as well as of Dada artists such as Sophie Taeuber-Arp, whose production bears close resemblance to that of the Swiss artistic tradition.

Veronica Gautschi says “My aim is to contribute to the world of fashion with functional, versatile, recognizable accessories that are also new and original. In creating my designs I always keep in mind the little yet important everyday wishes of contemporary women, such as feeling beautiful and elegant, or simply owning highly practical accessories. This is why I decided to give them the chance to turn each handbag and bracelet into a unique and personal creation with customized, interchangeable combinations designed to be a perfect fit for all looks and styles, and for all occasions, day and night.”

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