From Florence a new Renaissance of Made in Italy: Palazzo Pucci Fashion Academy opens the first artisan workshop of the future

Creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. These are the essential principles on which Palazzo Pucci Fashion Academy is based. Conceived by Laura Chini and Gianni Stanzani, co- owners of Palazzo Pucci Events & Academy. It’s been recently established in Florence together with Fondazione Spazio Reale for the organization and management of events in two important locations, Palazzo Pucci and Spazio Reale.

Active since October with a pilot project realized with the government of Senegal, Palazzo Pucci Fashion Academy provides high-level training courses in all areas of the fashion industry: leather goods and footwear, metal accessories and jewelry, hats and clothing. Conceived as a school of excellence and technical expertise, Palazzo Pucci Fashion Academy is equipped with laboratories equipped in the two locations in Florence, one in Palazzo Pucci, a few steps from the Duomo, and the other at Spazio Reale, where manual skills are taught first. Technical skills are a distinctive element of the school envisioned by Laura Chini, a well-known name in the sector, whose expertise is a guarantee of quality. For over a decade active in the world of education, Laura Chini with the fledgling Academy aspires to transform the school into a creative laboratory, where students can master the art of making accessories and clothing items in all phases, from design to development, production and quality control.

Excellence Magazine Palazzo Pucci Fashion AcademyThe Palazzo Pucci Fashion Academy uniqueness, compared to other schools, is that specialized technical hands-on skills are taught, and can be immediately applied upon course completion: for the student’s own fashion lines, for other’s lines, or in specific skills placement through our network as we work with the leading global luxury brands and their production every season. A new global workforce starts right here.  The Academy is aimed at young people wishing to put their manual skills to good use, who aspire to have a profession in a sector that in Tuscany represents 10% of the regional GDP. In the Florentine province, over 60% of the worldwide turnover of luxury leather goods is produced and here companies are continuously looking for highly qualified personnel.

The high number of foreign students interested in enrolling in the courses highlights a training need not only in our country, but also abroad, particularly in the USA. The intent is to provide the international audience with technical preparation that enhances the capacity and offer, which are renown in the world, forging future admirers of Made in Italy. Our courses are also an opportunity for future designers to better understand how to turn creative ideas into reality; starting from the knowledge of materials, their production, and working with the typical Italian manufacturers.

Palazzo Pucci Fashion Academy provides training courses of high fashion craftsmanship and other areas related to the world of work with two divisions: one dedicated to the fashion world, the other Palazzo Pucci Business Academy , dedicated to pure business, with a training curriculum related to topics such as HR, team building and effective management courses.

Excellence Magazine Palazzo Pucci Fashion AcademyExcellence Magazine Palazzo Pucci Fashion Academy

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