Decorative elements that seduce

CULTI MILANO’s scented candles are decorative elements that seduce, pleasantly illuminate the environment and diffuse agreeable authentic and original fragrances. Made of hand-dipped wax in layers, the candles harmoniously release the fragrance thanks to a pure natural cotton wick. EBANO is the olfactory nuance that originates from a voluptuous, enveloping and mystical harmonization of woods. The essence of wood transmits all the energy of the uncontaminated woods that spread hints of freesia, vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood. Combined with glass vases in mat black finish, it is declined into scented candles in the classic measure of 235 gr and in oversize versions of 2,5, 4 and 5,7 Kg.

Pure style in design and out of ordinary dimensions are the perfect marriage to decorate with elegance private environments, outdoor areas and public spaces intended to hospitality.

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Boca do Lobo Reinvents Contemporary Style in 2017

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