Eco-fashion: from packaging to sustainable fabrics, fashion becomes green

Ethical and responsible fashion has definitely landed on the web

Just scroll with the mouse the portals of the most famous and important Italian and international fashion brands to understand how the fashion houses have operated a real communication revolution in recent years.

If some time ago the chronicles of fashion shows told us about opulence and creations with materials such as rare leathers and precious stones whose origin was not always known, today more than ever fashion aims to communicate two values: ethics and sustainability.

net a porter green brand

The Research & Development sectors that gravitate around high fashion have faced new challenges and have created multiple “vegan leathers”, made from the most unexpected materials: from cactus to mushrooms, from cellulose to prickly pears.

The fashion houses have also made choices all aimed at greening also by creating clothes with “waste” fabrics from the collections of previous seasons and communicating to the world new production processes aimed at reducing emissions in their factories.

Not just “in house”: with a view to keeping their message consistent with the public, made up of consumers who are very sensitive to ethical issues and respect for the environment, who are willing to buy high fashion items as long as they are ethical, the largest luxury houses rely on and choose only portals for e-commerce that can embrace a perspective of ethical and sustainable consumption.

Zalando Sustainability Packaging

Hence, a fashion e-commerce giant like Zalando is strongly focusing on the adoption of energy saving measures and attention to the environment; in an interview Melanie Hultsch, senior corporate responsibility manager of the company, says that the goal for the portal is to become a leading platform for eco-fashion in Europe.

Translated into practical operations, Zalando has undertaken practical operations in the care of product packaging: it has transformed the materials of the beauty bags, passing from plastic to paper, a 100% recyclable material.

Even the plastic used for special packaging has been carefully selected to reach a recyclability rate of over 70%.

Not only recycling but also a culture of reuse: the Berlin-based giant is successfully undertaking a new corporate policy whereby the packaging that returns to the factories can be reused for sending to the next customer.

Another portal that has chosen to focus everything on eco-fashion is Net-a-porter, the e-boutique of the Ynap Group headed by Richemont.

The section highlighted most by Net-a-porter is called Net Sustain and collects, giving visibility and highlighting sustainable brands.

The six sections of Net Sustain collect fashion and luxury brands with an eye to the environment, reuse, the origin of materials and respect for workers’ rights.

Ethical and responsible fashion has definitely landed on the web.

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