Elegance in a Tie

In 1948, Mario Ulturale opened his tailor’s workshop; it was only natural then, when his son was growing up, that he would want to follow in his father’s footsteps, working in the shop and producing bespoke tailored ties.

For the past 40 years Vincenzo Ulturale, thanks to his passionfor the most sought-after, luxurious fabrics and textiles, has been creating an exclusive sartorial selection of ties.

The Ulturale ties are cut and packaged by hand with the care and the attention to detail that are so typical of the Neapolitan sartorial school. The high quality of the fabrics – jacquard silk, printed silk and cashmere – carefully selected in the most prestigious Italian and English weaving and printing shops, together with the unique manufacturing process which includes four, five, or even six steps, make these ties exclusive pieces, produced in very limited numbers or made to order, with the possibility to handpick the preferred fabric.

Vincenzo Ulturale

Vincenzo Ulturale, are you the last heir of a longstanding tailoring tradition?

My family has been working in this sector since 1948, when my father Mario first decided to open his workshop; it was only natural for me to want to follow in his footsteps, so in 1985 I opened my first boutique-workshop dedicated to a few close friends, creating “made to order” products. To date, however, the family tradition continues and the third generation has already been introduced to the company. The iconic “Tiè” tie, with a coral good luck charm hidden in its folds.

What is your most characteristic product?

The ties, for sure. Over the years, we have developed new models that have allowed us to create unique products, such as our iconic TIE’ model, a seven folds tie that represents the excellence of the Neapolitan craft and showcases our traditions: a good luck charm made of Mediterranean coral is hidden among its folds. We have also developed a revolutionary tie model: the 00TIE’, a two-folded tie that comes with a small Mediterranean coral branch which, when inserted into a handmade buttonhole, allows access to a secret pocket, sewn and hidden in the cap of the tie. Finally, we have the TOL, ‘Three One Less’, whose third fold, like the 00TIE’ model’s, can be opened and shaped, as well as being embellished with a silver button, featuring a cameo or natural stones on the tail. An Ulturale tie can be recognized by its sartorial details and by certain unique traits that represent our Neapolitan philosophy.

The iconic necktie ”Tié” features a cornetto – the characteristic horn-shaped talisman – hidden in between its folds.

Do you only make ties?

No, over the years we have specialized in the production of scarves, scarves and stoles, transferring our experience from ties to silk work in general. Precious fabrics, from wool to cashmere, in a variety of cuts, colours and sizes for every need. We wanted to make this collection appealing to a wider public, unisex and suitable for all types of people and occasion.

ulturale tie
It is in the sartorial details and in some peculiarities telling about the neapolitan philosophy that a cultural necktie makes the difference.

Where can we find your products?

We have three single-brand boutiques: one in Milan, in via Bigli; the second in Rome, in the beautiful via Bocca di Leone, and the historical Naples one, in via Carlo Poerio; we are also present in numerous international stores, from Belgium, to Russia, to Japan. Our crowning glory remains, however, our Corporate sector, which supplies large financial groups, famous companies in the automotive and nautical industry, and the most prestigious brands of luxury accessories. For privacy reasons, I’d rather not name any names!

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