Eleonora Lastrucci’s dresses at the Rome Film Festival

Eleonora Lastrucci Red Carpet Roma

A philosophy of regal elegance staged on the prestigious red carpet.

Eleonora Lastrucci attended again this year at the Rome Film Festival with her clothes, worn by established actresses and models. Sophisticated garments made with a haute couture style and obsessive attention to detail, from the search for fabrics, to the threads with which they were sewn, nothing was left to chance. That’s what always makes the difference. The detail most important is a dress always created for the woman who wears it: to dress the soul, the personality of those who paraded on the prestigious red carpet of the Rome Film Festival, staged from October 18th to 29th, 2023, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica “Ennio Morricone,” now in its 18th edition.

There are well 15 the wonderful dresses that Eleonora Lastrucci brought to the Red Carpet, beginning on Friday, the 20th the first catwalk that preceded the film I Told You So, by Ginevra Elkann; to continue throughout the course of the festival, with well-known personalities in the world of the jet set, from film to fashion who chose Eleonora Lastrucci’s clothes for the premiere of the film New Olympus by Ferzan Ozpetek, in theaters Oct. 22nd.

The matrix of Eleonora’s work was the elegance, timeless beyond any fashion, because as she says, “good taste and elegance are not a passing fashion”. Beauty is definitely the tool in women’s hands to change the world, as an exaltation of femininity and the depth of being a unique woman, “we need to reclaim beauty, the taste and pleasure it gives us, without denigrating it to the ephemeral”.

Guenda Goria

Eleonora has been participating for as many as 12 years now with her gowns, which have been increasingly sought after by the leading actresses in the competition films, models and personalities invited to the premieres.

Careful and sometimes even a little provocative, but always with that refined elegance that distinguishes every woman she dresses, in which the small personal detail is always in evidence.

Eleonora establishes a real empathy, a relationship of mutual trust with the women she dresses; a careful and introspective study first of all, to enhance them through the fabrics, the play of transparencies, the combinations, not only designer research. The designer expresses her moral concepts and refined originality through the complex alchemy of human relationships. These by Eleonora, are clothes in which to find one’s soul and sometimes to discover new women, to find something about oneself that one did not yet know.

Luxury, synonymous with Made in Italy, which expresses the value of things done well, of a savoir-faire tied to one’s origins, which carries with it all the pride of being a protagonist. Elegance and luxury with which he has won numerous awards in his career as a designer.

Antonella Salvucci

A new confidence that plows the world’s most important red carpets, capable of showcasing the woman in her complexity, in which the dress becomes the symbol of elegance par excellence because it knows how to dress the soul, how to bring it to the surface, show it to the eyes, like a flower and its perfume.

Sought after by prestigious partners every time her dresses are brought to the stage, this year to complete the luxury, they accompanied her with their perfumes: Domenico Moramarco, Laboratorio Olfattivo Lord Milano, Vinculum Luxury Perfumes, Eau de Milano, Dr Vranjes; for the cosmetics: Evidens de Beautè and Lagalene Milano. To complete the look, Pianegonda with its jewelry.

The models and actresses on the red carpet of Rome 2023

Eleonora Lastrucci, always present on the most prestigious red carpets, the beating heart of the Film Festival, a moment dedicated to beauty and glamour, where the charm of women acquires a role of fundamental importance in today’s society: the moment when women show their elegance, charm, dictate laws in style, in the search for themselves. From Rome to Venice, Cannes to El Gouna, women dressed by Eleonora become examples to follow, her dresses are models to dream about.

In this 2023 edition, Eleonora Lastrucci dressed:

accompanied by Mirko Gancitano, Guenda Goria, wearing a sensual dress with a provocative purple color in bright sequins and chiffon; an elegant touch was the fluffy ecological jacket, matching the dress, a creation of “ALTA MODA FURS”;

Annalisa Minetti, beloved Miss Italy, in a blue and gold brocade dress that emphasized her entire statuesque figure;

Eleonora Lastrucci Red Carpet Rome

Roberta d’Orsi, in a princess gown, complete with train, in emerald green silk brocade;

Loredana Cannata, wearing a wide red dress, the color of her passion for film and theater, and a reference to Marilyn Monroe, a character she is bringing to the theater with an embroidery on her bodice: a “butterfly,” a symbol of grace and freedom;

Stella Sabbadin, a true lady: Eleonora captured and highlighted her grace and delicacy with her yellow gown in three layers of embroidered tulle;

Antonella Salvucci, wore a dress that is dreamy, a deep, refined purple, embellished with bright tulle and blue orchid appliqués;

Monica Vallerini, in a one-shoulder dress made of faux leather tiger fabric, lurex effect, which made the silhouette enveloping and sexy;

Elisa Tasca, “Miss Red Carpet 2023” at the Venice Film Festival, where she seems to be born among the delicacy of feathers in a dark powder-colored gown, elegant and magical.


Ph: Marilla Sicilia – Mondadori Portfolio By Gettyimages

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