The Enrico Bartolini restaurant at Mudec admitted to Les Grandes Tables du Monde


The Enrico Bartolini restaurant at Mudec makes its entrance among “Les Grandes Tables du Monde”, the prestigious and exclusive partnership which since 1954 has brought together the most important restaurants on four continents. The proclamation yesterday in Paris during the gala dinner that concluded the annual Congress dedicated to the founding values ​​of the Association: tradition, quality and art of living and hospitality. Seven new entries.

I am deeply honored and grateful to the Association

comments the chef Enrico Bartolini

and I want to share this success with the entire dining and kitchen team: joining this prestigious group is a recognition of excellence, but it is also a stimulus to continue to grow and improve, and to ensure that our guests receive the best possible welcome. and live an unforgettable experience that fulfills their expectations

Located on the third floor of the MUDEC-Museum of Cultures in Milan, the Enrico Bartolini Restaurant (the only 3 Michelin star in the Milanese capital) is a place in perfect harmony with the chef’s cooking philosophy that has in the research and enhancement of ingredients and biodiversity the key points.

Ristorante Enrico Bartolini MUDEC © Paolo Chiodini (4)
Ristorante Enrico Bartolini MUDEC © Paolo Chiodini

On the menu, real gourmet works of art that offer the guest a journey into the most refined gastronomic culture: from the “Best of” tasting menu (a path of “contemporary Italianness” in nine steps with the chef’s iconic dishes), to the “Mudec Experience” proposal which follows the seasonality of products and ingredients and interprets flavors, worlds and traditions with measured creativity. The chef’s great passion for art and design guided the restaurant’s interior project.

Le Grandes Tables du Monde
Le Grandes Tables du Monde

Born sixty-seven years ago from a convivial meeting between six Parisian restaurateurs eager to bring together the supporters of excellence and the tradition of haute cuisine, “Les Grandes Tables du Monde” now has 181 restaurants in 25 countries, united by the sharing of certain values ​​and selected through strict admission criteria that reflect the exclusivity of the project.

Since its inception, the Association has chosen new members on the basis of three quality standards that preserve the exclusivity of the admitted restaurants: excellent cuisine without compromise, impeccable service and hospitality, unique atmosphere and environment.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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