EXCELLENCE MAGAZINE and LIVE VENICE: a partnership based on excellence

It may seem easy to explain why Venice is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But revealing its secrets – from the most hidden to the least well-kept – is a task that only the formidable Live Venice has dared to undertake.

Indeed, the city defining the word unique boasts an extraordinary luxury and lifestyle magazine: member of the Associazione Veneziana Albergatori (AVA) and edited by Riccardo Gelli, Live Venice Magazine is one of the leading regional magazines in Veneto area which has been currently distributed in over 460 hotels quarterly. Every three months, the magazine invites readers to explore the best of the floating city, showcasing sparkling soirées, cultural events, art exhibitions and much more.

With this reputation, how could Excellence Magazine be anything but proud to announce a collaboration with the publication dedicated to the most scintillating lagoon in the world? Through the wide circulation of Live Venice, Excellence Magazine aspires to give its readers the opportunity to fall in love with Venice, its secrets, its timeless luxury.

Live Venice Magazine



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