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Excellence Luxury Awards

Honorable Mulè, artist Sandoval and CFO Paravani were honored.

The twenty-sixth edition of the Excellence Award was held in the setting of the Baglioni Hotel Regina. Senior Advisor Anita Lo Mastro: “We enhance Italian Excellence in iconic places.”

At the Gala were present the honorary consuls of Uruguay and Mexico, as well as the president of the Lazio rowing club, Raffaele Condemi, CDP manager Roberta Vincelli, Stefano Cataldi CFO in charge of HR and assets ABI, Liliana Fratini Passi, general manager CBI benefit company, Infratel CEO Eng. Pietro Piccinetti, Sixtine Crutchfield, art director of the international platform Wise.Key, CNEL secretary general Francesco Tufarelli and the advisor to the Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Vugar Hajiyev.

In the setting of the Baglioni Hotel Regina on Via Veneto, 72 in Rome, the XXVI Edition of the Excellence Award was celebrated on December 5th 2023. The format was created by Anita Lo Mastro, senior advisor for the development and promotion of Italian Excellence for Excellence Magazine Luxury, with the goal of maintaining the common thread of a relationship with one’s origins. The award was created in 2014 with the creation of the “Excellence Gala” to celebrate the popularization of the print magazine and to honor the men and women, who through their work in any field have distinguished themselves as Excellencies.

The Excellence Awards, specially created by Marco Nereo Rotelli, international artist, sculptor, painter, famous for his scenic installations, were presented at the Baglioni in Rome.

from left: Hon. Giorgio Mulè, Simona Paravani Mellinghoff, Anita Lo Mastro

In this XXVI edition, the awardees were the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, the Honorable Giorgio Mulè, for “his intense career as a journalist and his current virtuous path in politics.” But also the international artist, Pedro Sandoval, partner in Italy of Gregorio Maiorano’s GMA, who exhibited some of his most striking works on the occasion, awarded “for his career that has brought originality to the art world, creating the connection between metaverse, finance and art.”

From left: artist Pedro Sandoval, Gregorio Maiorano, Anita Lo Mastro, artist Marco Nereo Rotelli

From the world of finance and social work, the award to Dr. Simona Paravani Mellinghoff, chief investment officer of BlackRock’s solutions division, for “her brilliant career, which has led her to an apex role in the world’s largest investment firm, and her sensitivity in supporting activities in the social arena on behalf of the less fortunate.” Special award presented by the Chamber of Deputies, through the Gala Excellence, to Dr. Simona Paravani Mellinghoff, as “Italian Excellence Abroad.”

From left: artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, Simona Paravani Mellinghoff, Anita Lo Mastro

“The activities have been in constant turmoil for 13 years , with four editions a year, numbers dedicated to the enhancement of excellence,” explains Anita Lo Mastro, who has been present since the beginning of the project. creating in addition to the print magazine, produced bilingually in Italian and English and distributed in Italy, Northern Europe, North America and the Middle East, a growing online platform. The magazine has a peculiarity you can receive it only by being part of the Excellence circuit or find it in airport lounges and VIP lounges, in five-star hotels and resorts, in exclusive golf, polo, chess, and rowing clubs, in merchant banks, professional firms, and in consular offices of embassies. The magazine was followed by the creation of an online platform designed specifically for networking, information, interviews with the most cross-disciplinary personalities in the fields of fashion, business and finance, politics, entrepreneurship, diplomacy, science, arts, philanthropy, sports.”.

From left: Hon. Giorgio Mulè, Anita Lo Mastro, artist Marco Nereo Rotelli

The Gala concluded with the ritual cutting of the Excellence cake and a toast with Italian bubbles. Present, the consort of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Soprano Marie Fajtovà, who donated a performance of her own for the evening, accompanied by a pianist from the Rome Opera House. Also present among the sponsors and partners were the president of the A.I.E.F. foundation of Turin, Tommaso Varaldo and the president of diga golf (diplomatic golfers association) Antonio Stocchi, Paolo Tamay Ceo of My Venice and Francesca Ossani, president of Crik Crok.

Excellence Luxury Awards
from left: Hon. Giorgio Mulè, Soprano Marie Fajtovà, Anita Lo Mastro, artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, Rai journalist Camilla Nata

Special thanks to Zarina Gioielli and designer Luigi Auletta president of Impero Couture, whose timeless gowns dressed ALM hosts Camilla Nata and Marie Fajtová.

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