Expo 2015, "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life": the state of art has been presented

About 130 days miss to the opening of the great international event, Milan Expo 2015, from 1st May to 31st October 2015, and which has as central focus Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

A sort of countdown started and Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner delegated by Government for Expo, presented the progress of the work at a press conference organized within the spaces of Expo Gate. The Commissioner explained the route taken to date, planned along several years, and presented some of the initiatives that will involve the Participating Countries, International Organizations and Civil Society.

The detailed story, divided into points, allowed to give answers to the questions that citizens have while holding on a global event which 7, 2 million tickets: “were already sold  of: “A third of the ticket sale has already been sold “the Commissioner said .

Giuseppe Sala, Commisioner of Government for Expo

At the end of January the Clusters will be delivered

The work inside the Expo site, with more than 2,800 workers (from January 3500), are progressing in according to schedule. The work for the interference removal exceed 90% and those for the realization of the plate 80%. The Clusters will be delivered to the Participating Countries at the end of January, while the pavilions of the Czech Republic and Bahrain are almost completed. Clusters are one of the novelties of Expo Milano 2015: for the first time the countries are grouped into collective pavilions on a geographical basis, but according to identity issues and food chains. In this way, the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life is treated in a wide approach while making concrete the spirit of these spaces, aimed just to sharing, dialogue and interaction. Clusters are characterized by common areas which develop, through functional spaces (market, shows, events, tastings), the food chain. Every country present in the Cluster has an individual exhibition, where it can develop its own interpretation of the theme of Expo Milan 2015.

Jobs and internships for the semester

The next Universal Exposition will be an important opportunity that from April will employ 800 young people. Manpower has opened these days the search for five thousand professionals for the pavilions of countries. Through the “Youth Training Program”, six separate training programs will be activated for 200 university interns. While the Volunteers program sees today the membership of over 15 thousand people.

Bocelli will be the honor guest and Armani, the Special Ambassador as an icon of Made in Italy.

Andrea Bocelli, “Ambassador Extraordinary”, will inaugurate the six-month Expo Milano 2015 with a show during the evening of April 30th, 2015 with the participation of many international guests. The webcast will be broadcasted by RAI 1 worldwide. The May 1st, 2015 at 12:00, there will instead be the Opening ceremony with the presence of the highest state offices and the institutions.

The “Special Ambassador” chosen by Expo is Giorgio Armani, icon of Made in Italy, who, during the opening night of the event, will celebrate the city of Milan with an event on the occasion of 40 years of his company . The event is scheduled for Thursday, April 30th with a big show and the opening of the Armani / Silos, the museum space wanted by Armani to be built right in front of its headquarters in Via Bergognone, in a former industrial area redeveloped.

From Zero Pavilion to Cluster. Expo will be a miltisensorial trip

“What will we see at Expo? The Pavilion Zero, for example, will take us on a journey to discover the history of the food that will end in a hall of Best Practices. In the exhibition space dedicated to the Cluster of Cacao we will enter the world of this food, from production to tasting” Sala said. The exhibition site will be open from 10:00 am to 23:00 pm, every day with an expected turnout of 250 000 people per day. Every day you will be offered a unique menu of appointments and events, which will involve all the participants and visitors and that will be advertised through numerous digital devices: the official website, the app, twitter and facebook.

In Switzerland, the project of the longest ice rink in the world

In Switzerland, the project of the longest ice rink in the world

A long strip of land, the area of the airfield of Ambri Piotta in the Leventina

Hôtel Métropole: A Unique and Glamorous City Resort in the Heart of the Principality

Hôtel Métropole: A Unique and Glamorous City Resort in the Heart of the Principality

Glamour, elegance and intimacy: three words that perfectly describe the Hotel

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