Gold – Eternal charm

Gold, as precious as it is mysterious, has been a part of human history for at least 7,000 years. In fact, the first findings of jewelry and coin artifacts in Mesopotamia date back to 4,600 BC, proving the material and symbolic value that, at the time, was already attributed to the yellow metal.

Gold, as precious as it is mysterious, has been a part of human history for at least 7,000 years. In fact, the first findings of jewelry and coin artifacts in Mesopotamia date back to 4,600 BC, proving the material and symbolic value that, at the time, was already attributed to the yellow metal.

A charm that has remained unchanged over time, up to the present day. From Gold credit cards to the Golden Globes for artists, or the Ballon d’Or for footballers, not to mention the hundreds of idioms and expressions that use gold as a synonym of quality and value.

From a more strictly financial point of view, it is easy to demonstrate how gold, even in recent decades, has always maintained its purchasing power unchanged, overcoming shocks that have, instead, strongly affected all financial markets.

In times of crises, wars, high inflation, or general uncertainty, not to mention during the recent pandemic, gold has never lost value, because it is a universally accepted commodity and its purchasing power is not affected by currency devaluations.

Today, gold is an international means of payment – many central banks buy and keep it to have a currency reserve uncorrelated from the financial markets.

Long-term capital protection

As the managers of Resonor SA in Lugano explain, the best asset managers have always included a percentage of investment in gold bars in their portfolios, to diversify and improve performance. The demand for this metal has a stable and sustained dynamic over time: during times of economic expansion, the demand from the watchmaking and goldsmith industries increases, while in times of uncertainty, gold is considered the safe haven asset par excellence by investors.

Based in Ticino, Resonor is a company founded in 1987, known and appreciated as a specialized, competent, and reliable resource for the purchase and safekeeping of physical gold, because it provides unique services and personalized advice. Its clients include institutional operators (such as funds, insurance companies, family offices, and asset managers) but also many private individuals who prefer to rely on a professional to obtain the best possible service for the protection of their assets.

Resonor specialists constantly monitor the price of the precious metal and can guarantee that it follows a trend unrelated to interest rates and stock market indices. For this reason, gold, in the form of ingots, confers stability and security, and constitutes a valid addition to any portfolio.

Among other things, the purchase of investment gold is not subject to either VAT or duties, and in many countries, it benefits from preferential taxation compared to other sources of income.

Why invest in gold in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most solid and stable countries both politically and economically; and it has always been considered a “safe haven”, if not the safest of all, thanks to the stability of its economic system and the strength of its currency, the Swiss Franc.

Furthermore, four of the six most important refineries in the world are based in Switzerland, three of which are in Ticino, where over 60% of worldwide production is concentrated. The reason for this global success lies in the very high quality and technical standard achieved by the Ticino foundries, which guarantee pure metal, with an internationally recognized certification, and cutting-edge manufacturing processes that do not overlook the protection of the environment.

At Resonor, customers can purchase bars of different denominations, all strictly “Swiss Made”, both to invest and to make a gift of unquestionable value. Each bar is accompanied by an authenticity certificate, which demonstrates its origin and summarizes its physical characteristics.

Exclusive services

But investing in gold ingots instead of money or securities, Resonor explains, requires owners to be able to keep them in a safe place and to resell them at a guaranteed price, any time.

For this reason, after the purchase of the ingots, the customer is offered custody in the company vault, conceived, and managed according to banking safety standards and insured by a leading Swiss company. A service that not only guarantees maximum security, but also absolute privacy and a personalized and confidential management of the deposit, even in delicate situations such as a succession, while fully complying with all applicable regulations.

In addition to the physical custody of the asset, Resonor can offer economic protection, protecting the saver from market fluctuations with a certain repurchase price established in the contract.

It is a highly innovative service, compliant with the current regulations in terms of selling physical gold and anti-money laundering legislation.

When customers decide to invest in a precious asset such as gold

explains the commercial director of Resonor 

they expect exclusive and qualified services.

At Resonor, we have a group of consultants handpicked from the best in the industry, capable of evaluating all the expectations of our investors and of proposing the solutions that best suit their needs, always guaranteeing the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Indeed, gold, thanks to our exclusive contractual formulas, lends itself to many combinations for the protection of capital in the short, medium, and long term, and for the transmission of assets between family members.

The offer includes the entire cycle, from the sale to the custody up to the repurchase of the ingots. Reliability, integrity and trust are our core values

RESONOR SA – Gold Merchants since 1987

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