Harmonic Dissonance: the new design concept by Selva

The unmistakable style of the brand Selva is expressed according to a design concept, every aspect of which is carefully studied. Harmonic Dissonance is the harmonious union of contrasting elements skillfully combined to stir new emotions. It is an idea of lasting beauty, renewed in surprising and magical ways, a Design that bears witness to its own time while announcing the lifestyle of the future.

It is the underlying concept behind the new Gatsby collection, created by the Italian architect Lorenzo Bellini, who drew inspiration from the American dream of the Thirties. Minimalist geometric shapes, exalted by an original interpretation of the materials: dark woods, details in leather, and fine fabrics combine with chrome-plated inserts to produce a chic, rigorous, exclusive environment. A new concept in living, in memory of a past that becomes trendy again thanks to its minimalist perfection and comfort. It is an elite collection with an old-time charm that decorates the spaces with seductive luxury and timeless allure.

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From the union of accessible luxury by Philipp Selva and the minimalist philosophy Laku is born, an iconic armchair created by the Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.
Laku, a sneak peek at the Salone del Mobile 2018, represents not only the meeting between two cultures but also two creative personalities – Philipp Selva and Toshiyuki Kita – who have always told a versatile and contemporary art of living. A style that looks at the future through the charm of nature and the design emotions.

The structure of Laku armchair is in solid ash wood available in three different finishes – ash wood white, ash wood tobacco, ash wood dark – and the upholstery is available in leather or fabric, as well as the matching pouf. The backrest is adjustable and reclining to ensure maximum comfort in use, as the name suggests, infact in Japanese it means “comfort”. The simple but surprising lines of the creation by Toshiyuki Kita perfectly match all the proposals in Philipp Selva brand.

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