Hollywood Star, Princess of Monaco, Queen of style: Grace Kelly

The memory of Grace Kelly in a majestic work, a single painting, made by Renato Missaglia that the weavers (among the most specialized in India) of Salvatore Di Sarno (DSV Carpets) have reproduced in a precious and unique tapestry that portrays the unforgettable Princess of Monaco.

Invto nuovo

The Artwork will be presented at the exclusive event organized by Salvatore Di Sarno and Renato Missaglia to offer to a selected audience of guests, the opportunity to admire the magnificent artworks before they leave Cortina towards Montecarlo.

The appointment is fixed February 25, 2017 communicate for transparency only  because the limited invitations available have been attributed immediately and therefore the event is “Sold Out”.

Artist Renato Missaglia & Salvatore Di Sarno (DSV Carpets)

Excellence Magazine is the unique and exclusive Media Partner of the evening will collect for you all the feelings, opinions and emotions that the evening will offer to the lucky participants.


Only Partnership of Excellence

Only Partnership of Excellence

After the Yacht Club of Venice also the Yacht Club in Cortina  saw the birth of

International Fellowship of Rotarians Skiing at Cortina d’Ampezzo

International Fellowship of Rotarians Skiing at Cortina d’Ampezzo

Countdown for the sixteenth edition of ISFR (International Fellowship of

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