Nubes, a brand-new fragrance by Santa Eulalia

If the clouds over Barcelona had a scent, what would it be?

Is fascinating question inspired the creation of NUBES, the new enchanting fragrance by historic perfume brand Santa Eulalia, dedicated to the unequivocal feeling of summer by the Mediterranean Sea.

All Santa Eulalia fragrances celebrate places, moments, and sensations typically associated with the Catalan Capital. The brand’s latest creation is a special tribute to the air of Barcelona in the summer, when cotton-like clouds travel over the deep blue sea.

Nubes tries to evoke the scent of clouds passing over Barcelona, with hints of orange and flower notes that fill the city in its hottest months.

Just like a cloud or a sweet passing memory, Nubes is soaked with the beauty and candour of nights spent on the beach, staring into the infinite sky above. It reminisces the freedom of beautiful summer evenings, when voices blend with the wind and with the waves crashing onto the shore.

Nubes is a beautiful journey along the Mediterranean coast, gazing up to the sky from Barceloneta beach.
 Almost like a cloud that allows itself to be carried by the wind, without posing resistance or knowing its destination: free, above everything else. Is fresh composition of bergamot, orange, and jasmine notes celebrates memories of summer nights, caressed by a gentle sea breeze.
An intriguing perfume with wood and amber base notes that wrap around the senses in a harmonious embrace.

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