The timeless luxury of an exotic adventure

That of Catwalk Exotique is an adventure that begins in Australia, where nature, still an integral part of life, is the pillar of every inspiration.

In the frantic search of creating something unique that met the criteria of uniqueness and quality, Georges Martin, creative director of the maison, combines a passion for beauty of European origin with the ambition to create something that goes beyond the simple trends. An authentic luxury concept. And the kangaroos’ land becomes the source to develop bagsand accessories of extra-fine elegance: his choice falls on the crocodile, the undisputed king of the leather.

A sensitive issue for which Catwalk Exotique does not want to betray the respect for the territory, through a contribution to the environment that allows It to collect the best leathers. How? For each three specimens, bred in 400 square meters, only one is kept in order to assure the survival of the species, with the word sustainability as a must in the business. The vastness of the reserve ensures to

the crocodiles Any kind of territorial problems, a source of struggle and consequence of visible signs on the skin which could affect the refinement. The excellence continues in the step of tanning and then in the painting where the modern techniques are skillfully combined with the traditional ones, marked by times workmanship and the heritage of the craftsmanship, rooted in the English master saddlers migrated to Australia. If there is a secret ingredient in Catwalk Exotique, that is the passion of all those who take part in the process: farmers, stylists, artisans in a process that took two years to be developed and that has appreciated by customers all around the world that began to ask for customization.

Now another journey begins, the distribution: Japan, Russia and China are the priorities in the expansion. New York, too, is very interesting because of the good welcome the Australian bags. But the real test to enter in the Olympus of luxury Os Europe, a tough and mature market, which is, however, able to give awareness in the excellence. France and Italy, real benchamarks, are sensitive to quality, sustainability and timeless style. We will wait for their verdict.

A special event dedicated to Excellence Magazine

A special event dedicated to Excellence Magazine

Excellence Magazine was officially presented to the institutional, business and

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Fresh and eccentrically traditional. Wedding Domo Adami

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