Fresh and eccentrically traditional. Wedding Domo Adami

The “yes day”: traditional or eccentric, glitzy or sober, intimate or mediatic, it does not matter. The important thing is that it must be perfect. Every bride wants it, from west to east; crossing the Middle East.

DOMO-ADAMI-04The excellence that weaves heritage and innovation is strictly handmade and behind it there are creative minds and amazing artisans. There is also Mauro Adami, a pillar of the continuous  developing at the Maison Domo Adami, who decided to link the cultural sophistication of Venice and Paris with the rational mindset of Milan, both of his own multi-faceted cultural background, by making a recipe that redraws the boundaries of the bride Made in Italy.

Once he made himself free from the fixed virtuosity which is typical of the wedding, Mauro Adami has been writing for more than twenty years a new chapter in the landscape of the bride, based on freedom and eccentric elegance. He makes that with a style based on a reinvented authentic tradition and a personality of the woman wearing it. If freshness is the main theme of all creations, the careful attention to details makes cleaning lines and in the refined tissues, with a total look that never betrays the inspiration of all the marriage’s projects, from shoes to wedding favors to the location. At the Maison Adami, the ideas for the richest people never lack, such as the wedding dress in platinum, a metal made spinnable as a result of complex processes which make it an ultra-thin foil. The Museum of Platinum in Johannesburg is hosting one of them while the other two dresses are moving between London and New York.

The experiential password is worth both for luxury and for other market segments and focuses on the person with own personal universe of viewpoints and and preferences which often change in the time. That is the challenge: an unstable equilibrium which is hard to be standardize because it is tailor made. The true secret is the capability to listen to, to understand the unspoken words and to promote with fancy the right idea, as well as the desire to reinvent in according to own pillars is perhaps the key successful factor of the local craftsmanship, such as made in Italy. And the wedding creations Domo Adami are based on that: From Russia, who is attracted by the eccentric luxury and the platinum creations, to Japan, which reinterprets the west tradition with the east minimalism, the only limit is the imagination and the capability to adapt to different cultures without losing the identity.

The timeless luxury of an exotic adventure

The timeless luxury of an exotic adventure

That of Catwalk Exotique is an adventure that begins in Australia, where nature,

Portofino’s wellness and beauty center, Lugano

Portofino’s wellness and beauty center, Lugano

Portofino's wellness and beauty center, Lugano

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