The secret of the perfect shot

Men and women of influence, celebrities, fashion, international advertising campaigns and high-end brands, these are the core of Enrico Labriola’s business, italian photographer of high professional standing and documented expertise, for which the shot has to be every time a concentration of emotion, beauty and above all the highest quality. All these ingredients make the image eternal and unique, because cared in the particular. Only in this way can be described as the perfect shot.

ENRICO-LABRIOLA-05Accustomed to working with and in excellence, what does a photo a shoot of author? The perfect shot arises in the mind.  Imagine something unique and exclusive to implement what would later be called snap of author. Meticulous attention to compose the image, attention to detail and professionalism in carrying out the project is the point of arrival. I don’t snap ever faster, time and patience are an important part of my work tools. Just as the light and the location, that every time he has to be “right” to meet the requirements defined in the creative phase, in the case of an advertising campaign, or is able to create feeling with the person to be portrayed. This is created thanks to the photographer as the role of the psychologist to pull out what’s inside the person and put him at ease. A good photographer is able to provide the naturalness and personality of the subject.

Photography has always told the luxury, what are the iconic elements that make an image truly luxury? Our history is full of iconic references that make us dream, timeless, as in a parallel dimension, which contributed largely to feed the imagination of luxury. The evocative power of photography is to be able, in an overbearing way, to influence the perception of reality, the aesthetic, historical and artistic taste, in a two-way exchange between in a two-way exchange between those who snaps and those who watch. I think the real luxury today is to return to the authenticity of the image, without too much drastic interventions in post production; the trend among the experts is to return to craftsmanship of the act of photography with extreme quality when shooting rather than dwell too much on remodeling, which tends to distort, just so the photo may continue to excite.

ENRICO-LABRIOLA-03What are the new trends in the binomial luxury photography? We are inundated with images smart but what makes the difference is getting to do something that will always be unique and special for themselves. A current trend is for example the creation of photo books or videos, handled with the utmost care and technical and creative quality that tell and fix in a time a private and intimate moment of life. Shots specially designed for that environment, event, atmosphere, able to grasp the emotions of the subjects. Universal, never obsolete, always able to bring the mind at that very moment, priceless. Having shots of author is a luxury like having a bespoke suit by the best tailor.

What is the future of art photography and what your next international work? The future of photography will be more and more towards an alliance with the fine arts and multimedia production. I can say that the eye of fashion photographer brings significant added value to the quality of the video, because it has aesthetic sensibility and attention to the lights. As for my work, I’ll move between Cannes, Dubai and Hong Kong, but I want to mention the event held at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris where my shots are on display alongside those of the most famous fashion photographers, sold with a limited edition, an example of photography that more and more is going to be considered a true work of art.



LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland®, the luxury of customized anti-aging based on genetic

LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland®, the luxury of customized anti-aging based on genetic

LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland® is the new center for aesthetic medicine of Lugano

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Paolo Berlusconi, a name that spells success

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