LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland®, the luxury of customized anti-aging based on genetic

LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland® is the new center for aesthetic medicine of Lugano and Ticino. The only center with customized treatments on your genetics, based on what is written in your DNA: its unique approach allows you the luxury of a personalized non-invasive treatment, designed solely for you, for a natural and targeted result, scientifically the most advanced available. In the case of aesthetic medicine, it acts on both imperfection on the biological process that causes it, and lets you act on early signs of aging, in a timely and non-invasive way.

T he analysis of your DNA is carried out in 20 minutes and is painless, you will learn important information about the care of your body and will lead our team of doctors offer you a complete and anti-aging program of treatments, completed with personalized recommendations, nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals made for use at home and biomedical treatments in the clinic, for better natural results in long term.

With aesthetic medicine based on genetic, “no scalpel” treatments options are very broad, and you can:

  • prevent and cure skin aging;
  • prevent, treat and eliminate cellulite;
  • prevent, treat and eliminate the fat and skin laxity;
  • prevent and treat hair loss.

After considering every option in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery occurs only as a last resort and in this case LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland® provides, for the first time in Switzerland, some of the most experienced Italian plastic surgeons: international experience, with over 30.000 hours in the operating room, to provide specialized medical services, tailored to the required result.

[iD] DNA® the first ANTI-AGING treatment customized to your DNA

The great innovation of the method [iD] DNA® ultra-custom, of which LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland® is the exclusive distributor for Switzerland, is that the driving genetics allows modulation of the right treatment, in the correct dose, at best frequency, according to the needs of each body, providing a targeted result. In the center LaClinique you can:

  • DNAge, DNA analysis to counter act skin aging, after calculating the genetic expression of your age (younger or older than your chronological age).
  • DNADiet, DNA analysis to understand scientifically how to metabolize food and structure the meal plan written in your DNA.
  • DNACell, DNA analysis to evaluate scientifically if you are prone to cellulite severe.
  • DNAHair, the only analysis that is able to provide the scientific confirmation if you are prone to baldness and how to prevent and combat.

In addition, starting at the end of the spring, DNASport PERFORMANCE will also be avalible, the first DNA analysis to optimize your sports performance on the basis of your DNA: it allows us to analyze your muscles, ligaments, tendons, lung capacity, energy metabolism to determine in your sport how to make your performance better, we can recommend a training plan to minimize the risk of injury and reduce recovery time. You can do it for your children also, from 2 years old and over, to understand in what sport they can achieve the best performance. The innovative center opened in October its headquarters in the center of Lugano, welcoming for event an audience of friends, well-known faces from the entertainment world, business and culture, including Manuela Arcuri, guest of honor and his brother Sergio, Enrico Lo Verso, Federica Moro and Justine Mattera, who did not miss the opportunity to express their positive feedback on the treatments provided by the Swiss-made luxury touch and 100% of Swiss quality and safety.

LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland® provides the opportunity to have a preliminary visit to the plastic surgeon, without necessarily come to the clinic, booking a video consultation at the number 091 9227313. The medical aesthetic center is open on Saturdays, with consultants and plastic surgeons who put their experience and expertise available to interested parties, to give the luxurious serenity of a natural and long-term treatment.

NanoFlowcell presents : QUANT

NanoFlowcell presents : QUANT

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The secret of the perfect shot

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