Inaugurated in Milan the Visionary Art Gallery

The Visionary Art, a brainchild of the entrepreneur, scholar and art enthusiast Riccardo Paolo Sarati, is a gallery and cultural platform which aims to take art collecting to a new “affordable and sustainable” dimension, a gallery that opens its doors to a wider audience by promoting the artists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Visionary Art is a bridge between artists and collectors, a vibrant and stimulating platform capable of creating a dynamic community and promote dialogue, with the intention of supporting artists in their creative journey and offering authoritative advice for anyone wishing to approach the art world. “Through the enhancement of creativity, the promotion of talented artists and the facilitation of meaningful connections, Visionary Art is committed to contributing to the growth and appreciation of contemporary art in its various forms“, stresses Riccardo Paolo Sarati.

Through a careful selection process, artists who represent a unique perspective and significant contribution to contemporary art are discovered and highlighted. Each artist is evaluated not only from a technical standpoint, but also for the originality of the artistic message and the ability to excite and engage the audience.

Everyone has a unique voice and a story to tell, and Visionary Art is the tool through which this can be done. Through an original bespoke method of providing bespoke service, each event is designed to create an atmosphere of connection and sharing, allowing art enthusiasts to meet, discuss and create a true community.

Visionary Art Gallery in Milan was inaugurated on 5th July at its headquarters in Alzaia Naviglio Grande 54. Guest artist Marco Bonacci, aka Bonny, and his works. The bright colors and bold marks, with references to the world of American Pop Art, are the source of study and research of his stylistic path in recent years. From there, Buzz – the artist’s alter ego – was born, a character who surrounds himself with the best brands and lives in a world made up of cartoonish traits with contemporary colors and allusions to fashion.

On 6th July, Bonacci ‘s works were also presented at Shaker in Lugano in the presence of Riccardo Paolo Sarati. The evening was held at the venue’s rooftop and his works will remain available to visitors for the summer.

The schedule of upcoming events:

September Christo with unpublished photographs, graphic designs and books from the period

OctoberDamien Hirst with Fruitful & Forever and the artist’s iconic signature Coca-Cola cans from London’s Gagosian Gallery

NovemberKarl Lagasse and his aluminum banknotes from the collection One Dollar

Uli Weber’s shots exhibition at Bocconi University

Uli Weber’s shots exhibition at Bocconi University

On display is the Goodwood Revival historic car competition

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