Scented Horoscope: perfumes for those born under the sign of Cancer

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Summer is celebrated with citrusy, marine and romantic fragrances.

Zodiac signs affect our lives, loves, business, work, health and fortune. Few people know this but, like the outfit, the choice of perfume is also affected by the influences of stars and planets. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer, belonging to the water signs, is the cardinal sign that kicks off summer: placed to coincide with the summer solstice, its duration in fact covers the days from June 22 to July 22. Those in Cancer are characterized by a very deep personality and intense feelings that nevertheless give them an often melancholy and nostalgic connotation. Dynamic, energetic and sparkling people will love marine and citrus notes favoring green and slightly bitter hints of neroli and bitter orange peel.

Mediterranean Neroli, Perris Monte Carlo

What more apt scent than Neroli Mediterraneo by Perris Montecarlo, an eau de parfum that reveals all the sumptuous citrus and floral character of Italian neroli, made even more sparkling thanks to a rich blend of citrus and the sunny notes of orange blossom absolute and petitgrain. Topping it all off is a touch of fresh ginger and Timur pepper, wrapped in a soft base of iris and musky notes.

Perfume Neroli-Mediterranean-Perris-Montecarlo2.jpg

Marine Oud, Salum Parfums

Distinguishing this water sign are two exclusive and sought-after marine scents. The secret abysses of the Arabian Sea envelop us from the first moment, thanks to the Marine Oud perfume by Salum Parfums, a new niche perfumery brand that has chosen Luca Maffei as the nose of its fragrances, featuring salty, marine and ozonated nuances. Top notes intertwine with lively citrusy spicy punctuations, blending with a dark and seductive heart. The magic of saffron flower, blond tobacco and myrrh come together in an enigmatic interplay with touches of coffee. The base, intimate and occult, is an explosion of amber, oud and sensual woods.

Marine-Oud-Salum-Parfums Perfume

Abbrivio, Tiziana Terenzi

Those of the sign of Cancer are traversed by a magical and unpredictable force, mysterious and inexplicable, encapsulated in the beautiful bottle of Tiziana Terenzi‘s Abbrivio eau de parfum, a new fragrance from the Sea Stars Collection. To open, a fresh and bubbly fruity bouquet, thanks to the effluvium of Brazilian orange with Dolomite black currant and Romagna strawberry. The unpredictable and evolving head settles on an even more trepidatious and untamed heart where, right from the start, the seductive power of ambergris combined with the contrasting coumarin and Adriatic seaweed, sweetened by the sweetness of Amazonian tonka bean and Cuban cane sugar, can be felt.

Perfume Abbrivio-Tiziana-Terenzi

My Way, Giorgio Armani

Eternally in love, the Cancer woman will always seek a fragrant dimension as round as an embrace, a luminous bouquet of tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom, enhanced by vibrant notes of cedarwood and a warm vanilla accord. An essential olfactory pyramid featuring Giorgio Armani‘s iconic My Way fragrance, composed of the finest natural ingredients from responsible sources around the world. Orange blossom essence, extracted from hand-picked bitter orange fruits in Egypt, is created using the all-natural enfleurage extraction process, while Indian tuberose is hand-picked in the Mysore region of Karnataka state. Finally, the vanilla and its precious pods come from a sustainable and responsible sourcing program that supports local communities in Madagascar.

My-Way-Giorgio-Armani Perfume

Born in Rome, Valentino

Our cancerous friends have a strong but eternally romantic character and we find this duality in the Born in Roma fragrance from the Valentino fashion house, featuring the iconic “studded” bottle and cap. An amber and woody fragrance enhanced by pungent and exclusive sambac jasmine that is expertly combined with bourbon vanilla, the world’s finest extract. The finish is given by the intensity of the olfactory signature: spicy, carnal, sensual, capable of giving the wearer flair and a hint of irreverence.

Perfume Born-in-Rome-Valentino

Domenico Moramarco

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