New Media Partnership for Excellence Luxury Magazine


Golfclub Gstaad-Saanenland partner in German-speaking Switzerland.

Media Partnership signed between Excellence Luxury Magazine and the Golfclub Gstaad-Saanenland. From today, our magazine will be officially distributed and available to the guests of the facility. The deal is another important step in the development of distribution in the German-speaking Switzerland market. The Golf Club is our new media partner in the area and we’re proud that such an excellent and exclusive entity has joined ours.

Golfclub Gstaad-Saanenland: a golf camp near… the paradise!

Even the journey to the Gstaad-Saanenland Golfclub provides a unique experience: a narrow, winding road leads from Saanenmöser through a ski slope and the Horebach, to the rustic-style clubhouse. During the period of Alpauf and Alpabzug, it’s common to meet shepherds with their cows crossing the road. Once past the 140-meter drop, the view opens onto a spectacular driving range overlooking the valley; the outline of the mountain range can be admired from almost every hole on the course, a spectacle that accompanies matches and heartens any outcome with its beauty. Complete tranquility reigns on the 18-hole course: no noise from the road, no sounds, no groups of hikers passing by. A pure idyll of peace, a true paradise.

The high quality of Gstaad’s offerings and the sporting challenge of the Golf Club

Despite its naturally rural setting – part of the facility is located within a high moorland that protects the interior – Gstaad-Saanenland Golf Club is not set on a wild alpine meadow, but on an extremely manicured camp.

Seven greenkeepers ensure perfectly shaved fairways and greens and fine sand bunkers. “With its 5-star hotels, Gstaad is synonymous with quality. We also wish to meet the high expectations of our guests with excellent accommodations and first-class service” says Club President Albert Bach. “Our proposal is completed with the Club’s in-house restaurant, which is also open to the public. Tasty dishes made from mostly regional ingredients and fine wines are served in the indoor space or on the terrace”.

The Alpine course then offers golfers a challenge not to be underestimated. “Ours is a fairly short route, but not so easy to overcome because of the many inclines and sometimes narrow lanes. Whimsical tactics and accurate shots are essential for a good score on our court”, explains Patrick Staub, captain and defending club champion. As a former World Cup skier and Olympic participant, he knows the sporting challenges very well!

Bernese charm with an international flair

Experiencing nature is part of the program: from the wooden flagpoles, as well as the fountains and benches, to the clubhouse, built in a chalet style and adorned with flowers since early summer, everything recalls nature and its respect.

Tradition is important, but we still want to adapt to social developments and guide the Golf Club toward a successful future without radically changing our DNA”, explains President Bach. As of 2021, GCGS has a modern fully automatic lightning protection system. The interior of the clubhouse has undergone a recent thorough renovation, and by the 2024 season guests will have a network of paths along the entire course so they can use golf carts – of course electric – even in bad weather. The 13 employees of the Golfclub Gstaad-Saanenland come from six countries, and the approximately 500 members consist of residents and vacation home owners, from Germany and abroad. Guests, in general, come from all over the world. Driving the narrow, winding road to Saanenmöser, after an intense round of golf and a fine dinner, provides an extraordinary mental experience.

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