Scented horoscope: perfumes for the sign of Aries

Perfumes for the sign of Aries

Springtime rebirth with neroli, green tea and lavender from Provence.

The constellation of Aries is known as the first of the zodiac signs, referring to the fact that spring begins at its position. According to the Western astrology, in fact, Aries is the first spring sign: cardinal (presiding over the beginning of the season), masculine, with fire as its element, the disruptive fire of life that awakens after winter hibernation. Those born under this sign are believed to possess energy, courage, and initiative. Mars, the ruling planet of the sign, bestows upon them a warrior nature, making them determined fighters with great inner strength, always ready to face new challenges and quickly bounce back after obstacles. Other typical qualities include passion, enthusiasm, sincerity, and spontaneity.

The constellation of Aries

The crackling of fresh herbs and fig leaves in a blooming Mediterranean garden is captured in Fig Neroli by EPC Experimental Perfume Club. The relaxing embrace of orange blossom absolute, the brightness of neroli, and the green essence of fig leaves, basil, and petitgrain contrast with the earthiness of vetiver and the warmth of iris and benzoin. A meditative stroll in a Mediterranean garden at the end of a spring day.

Fig Neroli perfume by EPC Experimental Perfume Club for the sign of Aries

Springpop by J.U.S. Perfumes, the scent of the first sunny days, as winter makes way for spring to explode in the air: flowers, sap, and buds, the air carries a green scent of sea and resins. The sparkling floral musk fragrance is characterized by notes of Calabrian bergamot, basil, magnolia, and moss. A flacon of a rounded sensuality, new and colorful, revealing and preserving its essence. These unadorned formulas are inspired by tradition, but radically contemporary from odes to sensuality.

Springpop by J.U.S. Perfumes, the scent of the first sunny days.

Décou-Vert by Laboratorio Olfattivo releases into the air, and the green gives way to a multitude of colors, a lively and vibrant palette of flowers and green leaves. The light notes flirt with bright notes, creating an unprecedented kaleidoscope. The base brings peace, thanks to the soothing musky and woody notes. Décou-Vert is an olfactory surprise born from the need to find a meeting point between three types of fragrances that are often at the antipodes: floral notes, exquisitely vegetal notes, and those defined as green. A closed-eye image has plunged us into a new experience.

Décou-Vert perfume by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Zeste de Gingembre by Heeley enhances the lively and natural vivacity of ginger with the instant freshness of orange peel and lime. The sparkling pink pepper and cardamom infuse balance and depth into this refreshing accord.

Zeste de Gingembre perfume by Heeley for the sign of Aries

Bloomtea by Hermetica Paris gives pride of place to ingredients named after a color: a precious essence of white lavender, more feminine and delicate than its blue counterpart, an extract of green tea, aromatic and fresh, an absolute of damask rose, sensual and refined, and an enveloping white musk. Bloomtea is the olfactory expression of a floral explosion, characterized by an ingredient known as the white gold of Provence: an essence of white lavender, exclusively cultivated in the south of France using ethical and sustainable practices. Softer and more nuanced than in the classic lavender, with hints of jasmine, hay, and linen, it is accompanied by an absolute of damask rose to reach a unique floral peak. Through the drying of tea leaves, a pure green tea extract is produced that enhances the majestic quality of white lavender, adding a woody, green, and slightly smoky freshness. This lively floral dance paints the colorful image of an endless spring.

Bloomtea perfume by Hermetica Paris for the sign of the Aries

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