Scented horoscope: perfumes for the sign of Pisces

Così Blu parfum

Aquatic notes with sandalwood, pink pepper and cedarwood.

The Pisces is a constellation of the zodiac commonly represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions tied together by a cord at their tails. The great challenge for Pisces lies in learning to ground themselves, that is, in the ability to create fixed points and a solid inner foundation to rely on. As the last Water sign, those born under the sign of Pisces are highly intuitive, sensitive, and profound. The ruling planet of the sign is Neptune, which in Greco-Roman mythology was the god of the sea, the lord of waters. Symbolizing mystery, continuous metamorphosis, the ocean, where treasures as well as monsters’ dwell, it evokes the depths of the human soul, the unconscious.

Nettuno by Mendittorosa is a perfume of exquisite beauty, a celestial mirror of the soul; invoking the symbolism and astrological forces of the distant majestic blue rotation of Neptune. A talisman of duality, indulgence, and transformation, a sensual astral guide. Nettuno is a frozen rose, floating amidst opalescent musks, “blue ginger”, translucent flowers, and a soft embrace of leather. Dusty particles of iris glide like ash in this perfumed astral flight that guides us towards our destiny. This unique talisman descends like rose powder to protect and guide us.

Nettuno by Mendittorosa is a perfume of exquisite beauty

The freshest tones of absinthe blend in Così Blu by Pantheon Roma with warm and dusty notes of cinnamon, bark, and nutmeg. The fruity note of strawberry opens the heart to the floral facets of white magnolia, rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley. In the base, clear and decisive nuances of white musk, hay, and benzoin.

The freshest tones of absinthe blend in Così Blu by Pantheon Roma

Sous le Pont Mirabeau by État Libre d’Orange is a triumph of vowels with a Parisian scent, suspended over the Seine composing a memory or ferrying us ashore following a trail of sandalwood, pink pepper, and cedar. In the heart of the City of Light, following the river towards twilight, we find a bridge, a poem, and a perfume. A discreet and symbolic bridge, embodying the constructive spirit that transcends borders and reunites sublimely. Solid foundations of cedarwood, sandalwood, and orcanox that traverse love and embrace its hints of musk. A slow and violent poetry, the brutal and fascinating hope of one who wants to believe that she still loves him. Vanilla in the delicate trace of incense and violet leaves. A perfume to save us all, to quietly fish us out on the Seine and finally reunite body and soul with violence: alcohol on the water of our essences, bergamot and pink pepper interspersed with fig notes in a glass bottle.

Sous le Pont Mirabeau by État Libre d’Orange

Timeless images are emotions, freeing the breath where immersed and wandering memory does not recede. The sea with its untouched beaches recalls brackish layers exhaling gentle songs where the fullness of the sea is already embodied. The iconic fragrance Megamare by Orto Parisi floats in a glass bottle, sealed with a silver-finished metal cap with signs of corrosion caused by seawater and adorned with mother-of-pearl inlay.

The iconic fragrance Megamare by Orto Parisi

Maison BDK Parfums was created by David Benedek in 2016, whose creative studio is located in the Palais Royal district of Paris. Developed as an olfactory library, the Maison imagines contemporary and urban creations to collect that pay homage to the heritage of French perfumery. Citrus Riviera by BDK Parfums is linked to the landscape of Cap d’Antibes, whose memory unfolds in a white villa surrounded by greenery, landscapes with breathtaking coasts reflecting the blue of the sea. Notes of mandarin, lemon, blend with tonka bean and white musks, giving sensuality to a best-selling fragrance.

Citrus Riviera by BDK Parfums

Domenico Moramarco



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YouNique Fine Craft Art & Design

YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design

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